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  1. sandfly, thanks for the reply. i am looking for a few 1/4 oz bags of the bronze herl. is your herl dyed to get that classic look?
  2. Hello, For the past few years, I've been tying the Leisenring soft hackle patterns which call for bronze herl. Last season, I located a source that provides some nice herl, but the cost is a little high, especially considering the volume that I tie. Can anyone suggest a source? I'm a little too impatient and lazy to bleach herl in the sun. Thanks. TC
  3. Nice eggs! I cranked out a dozen over the weekend...very similar, but with a white veil. Just out of curiousity, how do you guys get your glo-bugs to sink easily? I performed the glass of water test just to see how quickly they became saturated and started to dip below the surface...not as quickly as I would have liked.
  4. Thanks for all of the good suggestions. This morning, i located fine herl at feather-craft. It sounds like it should do the trick!
  5. Hello, Like some of you, I tie a bunch of pheasant tail nymphs. Because many of these are in the 16-20 range, i've had some difficulty finding a good supply of smaller peacock herls for the thorax. Regular sized herls result in a thorax that is a little too fat for my tastes. I've been getting the smaller herls off of some old peacock eye/sticks, but my supply is dwindling. Any suggestions on where I can get a nice supply of the small stuff? Thanks. TC30
  6. Last season, I had some difficulty finding lighter colored snowshoe hare's feet. Since cream was abundant, I purchased those and hit them with soft scrub (w/ bleach) to lighten the color. It got me reasonably close to the shade I wanted. The biggest problem that I find with snowshoe hare is that the feet really stink. Again, not the normal funk that natural materials typically have, but more of a rotting flesh smell. It can be gross and it definitely lingers on the finished flies.
  7. More super links...thank you!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I am actually tying a few streamers that call for belly fur. I will check out those links...Thanks again.
  9. Hey Gang, Like most of you, I'm struck with cabin fever right now and cranking out flies left and right. Does anyone know if fully-cured/tanned coyote fur is available out there? In particular, I'm looking for belly fur for streamers. Let me know if you get the chance. Thanks. TC30
  10. Hello, I've used the link below on several occasions for step-by-step instructions. Hope it helps. TC http://hipwader.com/2005/polar-fiber-streamer
  11. Ditto on the aforementioned patterns...very cool! I love the peacock ice dub. I use it for the thorax on my stimulators, as well as for underbodies on foam beetles. I also tried the UV white color on an Alewife imitation...good stuff. Hopefully Santa will bring me more colors this year even though I haven't been that good.
  12. troutchaser30


    Hey Fellas, Have you tried this vendor yet? http://www.eflytyer.com/new_stuff/sale_stuff.html
  13. How about some olive emergers or small beadheaded pheasant tails? I like to tie and fish beadheaded pheasant tails on the curved hooks, especially when collared with a nice soft hackle!
  14. Are you tying a pattern that allows you to wrap some weighted wire or tungsten sheeting under the body? I'm thinking it would allow you to alter the balance of the fly.
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