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    I'm in. Saltwater flyfishing occupies 95% of my fishing time - mostly in Port Phillip and Westernport Bays and Andersons Inlet in Victoria, Australia. There are a lot of parallels in techniques from across the Pacific, so I find the reading interesting. We even share a few species, and others are very similar. Being a tackle rat, I like the rod building section and like to keep up to date with new gear as it comes on the market.
  2. I finished building my newest addition, a Sage Xi2 #8. It feels great in the park. It feels great in the water... For the first hour or so. The trouble I have is that the rod is so fast and stiff that as fatigue sets in (from wading waste deep) my casting goes to shit. Before that though, I have no trouble with nice casts just over a full striper line. Then I seem to get this fault of my clousers hook wrapping around the leader - an issue I have not had with other rod brands, hence my opinion its my fatigue causing the problem. I built the rod to Sage spec's, but I'm considering ripping off the end size 3 snake guides and installing size 4's in an effort to slow it down a fraction. My mates tell me to fish a #9 line, which is sweet to cast, but then its a #9 I have just finished building - not the #8 I paid for. Any similar results with the Xi2's and any advice to slow it down? I get the feeling I have just built a rod for extreme conditions that is too tiring to use for day long sessions of repeated casting.
  3. A digital camera is something on the shopping list for later in the year, so you'll have to hold tight on the photos. Might get a transparency transfered to disk in the next couple of weeks. If you want to drool over our fish, check out these web sites www.flylife.com.au and www.weipaflyfish.com.au They will give you a taste of what's down under. Glad to be aboard. Regards, Chris
  4. Hello to everyone. I've been fly fishing for around 20yrs and tying commercially for 18. I mostly fly fish in salt water chasing inshore and flats species here in Australia. I used to fly fish for trout when I lived in Tasmania - these days I get a fix every spring before the salt water action starts. I like to fish native fresh water species sometimes. Hell, as long as it has fins, I'll throw a fly at it. I have been writing the salt water fly colomn for FlyLife magazine now for nine years. Occasionally I'll get motivated and submit a feature, but not too often. I'm a tackle rat. My wife doesn't understand why I need so many rods, as I don't bring many fish home (I release most of my catch). I started rod building 2 years ago. Its as good as the first time I caught a fish on my own fly - every time. I own too many Thomas and Thomas fly rods, and am looking at the new Helix, which is bothering my dear wife. I tie around 2000 flies each year which supports my addiction to fly fishing... Almost. This looks like a great site - the quality of the rod building forum convinced me to join, so if I can help anyone out I'm only too happy to return the favour. Regards, Chris Beech ps - don't know where that bait fisherman sign came from!
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