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  1. Hi guys! Ive cut together a short version of our Greenland trip. I had a blast doing it and this is something that im going to try and keep doing when going on my fishing trips. I learned tons, and i know now that i suck in videofilming haha but next time ill do it better Im going to make a long version as well when i got time. The fishing was amazing, and arctic chars are the most powerful fishes ive ever fished. Hope you guys enjoy the movie =) Windows Media Player 80mb Klick to play or rightklick and save target as http://www.bazzflyfishing.com/Movie/Flyfis...nland_short.wmv Edit: Another way to watch the movie without downloading it.. fast and for all users both mac and win http://www.bazzflyfishing.com/greenlandvideo.htm Best regards Bazz
  2. Hope that the greenland char will be willing to take this one as well ^^ If you guys have any tips on flies for artic char please share! //Bazz
  3. Thanx =) I have tied up a bounch of Madam-X as well.. truly hope that these will do the trick!.. abstinese!!!!.. just one more week before im there //Bazz
  4. Hi guys! Your the best! =) Ellet, if you find that video let me know! //Bazz
  5. Ahhh! Great thanx =) You know if thats 2mm foam he uses on that #8 hook? Big thanx for sharing! Bazz
  6. Hi guys Sorry, but is there anyone who knows a link to a step by step of how to tie the chernobyl ant. How to cut the foam and so on? Regards Bazz
  7. Thanx! Yeah theres not much info about greenland out there.. both good and bad i guess ^^ Tied up a few of these.. hear that orange is something that trigger them to strike, and it would be hot to have em go for dries as much as possible =) Regards Bazz
  8. Hi guys! Anyone been to south Greenland? Im on my way to this adventure and im trying to fill my flyboxes. But is there flies that you guys think that i shouldnt leave without? //Bazz
  9. Hi guys and thanx =) The camera i used was a Canon 400D and the lens a 100/2.8 Macro. The camera is 10mpix and i focused manually.. i usually do that when i do macro shoots. Im not a pro photographer but my father was and he has tried to teach me how to do this ^^ Feel free to check out the photo album at www.bazzflyfishing.com if you like. Regards Bazz
  10. Hi guys! Thought id share my pictures of some bugs that i found in a lake close by. I found these very interesting to see live and when tying flies its alot more fun to try imitate the real thing and not a step by step Anyways heres the shoots About 1cm About 1cm About 0.5cm About 1cm About 2cm About 2cm Best regards Bazz
  11. Anyone viewed the video and tried tying this one yet? Would love to see what it looks like =D Regards Bazz
  12. Thanx =) Yeah it will prolly float a week haha. Best part with the fly is how it floats, the print in the water and also the really great sillhouette! And also that its super easy to tie ^^ Ahh cant wait to try this one.. it just might be a true killer =D //Bazz
  13. Hi guys! Ive made a step by step video of how i make the Bazzic Caddis. Truly hope that those of you who download and watch it likes it and find it useful! The file is in our websites forum. To watch it you have to register. This is not to pimp members, its just that i have to control downloads (it will get to expensive to share these with you if i just let it loose =/ ) So those who really wants it gets it Really hope you like it! Regards Bazz The forum: http://bazzflyfishing.com/forum/ The fly
  14. Thanx! Would be fun if the pattern works out well and if its not a already known pattern =) Looking forward to hear som thuoghts about what can be improved with the fly as well as what ya think of it. The ingredience for this one is (in tying order) Body: Grey & Dark Grey Sealfur Wings: Pheasant (varnished) Above wings: Grey CDC fibers Head & Legs (optional): Stacked Deerhair Size 10 / 8 hooks
  15. Hi guys! Been working some with deerhair and Caddis.. and i decided to try and make my own caddis pattern that looks like the ones around here in sweden. What can be cooler than trying to create your own thing and then test it by the water Hope that this one will work great! At least i havent seen anything like this one.. and if theres already a fly like this then im sorry about that. If not then i will call this the Bazzic Caddis Lets see what you guys think of it! Regards Bazz
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