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  1. I think that is some funny shit! Its Great.
  2. What do you plan on making with that?
  3. I like that stone alot. Im off to the vise as we speak. Ive got a trip coming up.
  4. Graham, great job and I know weve talked about this in emails in the past, but if possible, can you post a tutorial on start to finish with the legs. I cant even tie bad legs in properly. These damn bug legs are screwing me up in the worst way.
  5. Too Cool!!! ou are the man Im going to go work on the legs right now
  6. I think the Renzetti is a great vise for what I paid, I have the 6" base model works great on my desk.
  7. I definately have to try this technique.
  8. Thats great, I wonder what type of epoxy it is.
  9. Bluegills are absolutely the best. If a Bluegill weighed 4 lbs. you'd need a 9wt. rod to even think about landing it.
  10. Figures, not only am I not going out of town, I got laid off!! Life of an Ironworker, lol, i swear, Ive got the best part time job there is. Ill try again next year thanks for the chance OSD.
  11. Sorry, Im going to have to drop out. Just found out I'll be out of town for 14-16 days and that puts a major damper on my already busy schedule. I'm sure you'll have no problem with a replacement, thanks anyways.
  12. I dont thik im gonna make it.
  13. Perfect!!! Im in. I just emailed the salmonator saying I need to get in on a salmon fly swap. Now I just need to find a good pattern.
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