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  1. Cheers Guys , points taken, I have Classic Salmon Flies by Mikael Frodin and will have a go at the classics in there. Edward
  2. Looks like I need to improve my photo taking as well ( using a Canon digital 2.1 ) photos should be better than that , dont quite know whats up. Cheers all Edward
  3. Hi Guys, here is the second tie , of what hopefully will be a very enjoyable journey , and many new friends. Sorry still used wide herl ( better and apropriate materials on way from Nick at Glasgow Angling Centre) Cheers Edward
  4. Hi Dave , again a awsome tie , I look forward to the time when I might be able to get a fly off the vise half as good as that . Cheers Edward.
  5. Nice work with the JC Andreas ,good looking fly . Edward .
  6. Hi Bud and thanks , you have helped me already , looking forward to the rest of the tying process , great work . Edward.
  7. Thanks everyone, it is very encouraging to have all your feedback as I need to try and learn the correct ways from the start , and what I think looks right , is not , so I need that pointed out to me . Hi Jeff , yes that is JC in the wing its a poor grade that I bought for the trout flys I tied . I will now try and buy some better and appropiate materials, any advice appreciated . Hi Ted , Cornwall is at the bottom of the United Kingdom. Thanks again guys , over the next few days will try and get another fly off the vice and let you see it . Cheers , Edward .
  8. Hi guys , been a while since my first topic , just been trying to soak up all the info from you all , and the fly tying well thats just awsome. I have a interest in old tackle (Hardy) and have allways been blown away with the classic gut eyes , so here we are starting on a whole new way of tying (I have tied before but never a classic ) . I only have basic trout tying materials at moment , and although I have allways wanted to try the classics I wondered if it was the right thing to do , with the costs and how difficult the flys looked to tie. Another big problem here in Cornwall is there are no classes or no one I know off who ties classics for personal advice ext , but thanks to you ALL I am begining to see a little light . So here is my first classic (well if you can call it a classic ?) Please let me have your thoughts . Thanks again guys , you are a top bunch . Edward .
  9. Thanks Fatman , thanks guys , advice taken, so pleased I came across this site , will get to know you all better has the days go on . Keep up the good work . Edward
  10. Hello to you all , this is my first topic. First just a short note about myself, I fly fish for any fish I can in sea,river,and lake ,I also tie all my own flys. My main vice is a Barracuda which I love , fantastic for flys above size ten , not so good for hooks below ten,( I dont own the midge jaws to fit ) what I would like to know is has any one got any advice on the discontinued AR vice from Snowbee, has I see they are now selling for £80.00 less than half price, I was possibly thinking of getting one for the smaller hooks, what do you think. Thanks Edward.
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