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  1. When I ty fly with weed guard I use gamakatsu worm hook with wire guard. I find these to work pretty good. I use to buy from local tackle shop but I found a deal on these hooks at the fly fishing festival. I couldn't believe the price. gamakatsu worm hook Dan
  2. ibboone

    Merkin Crab

    Nice looking crab fred. I just posted a thread about favorite crab flies. Thanks for the pic. Dan
  3. I have 2 fishing buddies. The first one I hardly ever go fishing with out her. The second one,my daughter, she ask me to take her fishing everytime she comes to visit. Can't wait to get her out in a yak. Dan
  4. I have been doing some fly fishing with a few crab flies and was wondering which crab flies do you prefer. I have tried the merkin and landed a few croakers on them. Some velcro crabs with no luck. I got a couple crab flies from BPS and was catching catfish on them. To me they looked the best in the water. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Recipe would be good to. Dan
  5. To help identify this minnow. Where did you find it? Fresh or salt? River, pond or lake? I have one question to help me with this pic. What kind or ruler where you using? Looks metric. These couple questions will help everyone make there final decision.
  6. ibboone

    Ugly flies

    He might just go round talking about peoples work to get free flies. I am going to have to try that. :devil: Dan
  7. ibboone

    An ID please...

    I seen a peice in the news paper years ago about these bee/ants. It is from the wasp family. I have seen alot of them at my dads house when I was growing up. Hope this helps you out on your quest to find out the unknown bug. Dan
  8. You ties some nice flies. I seen your spoon flies to. All very nice. :headbang: Dan
  9. When I seen this fly the first thing I thougt about was that would make a nice crappie fly. I enjoy catching crappies on the fly. Great looking flies, thanks for the pattern. Dan
  10. Check out this site. It will give you alot of insight on fly fishing and maybe even help you out in your cross over to the dark side. fly fishing 101 Dan
  11. I use this hook on some of my weedless flies and it works really good. This is a weedless worm hook. When you go to look for them you have to look in the rubber worm hook section. Make sure you get the one without the bump on it. Once you see the one with the bump you will see what I mean. weedless hook If you can braid hair you can make one of these. Do a goodle search for gulley worm. Dan
  12. txflytier, could you post a pic of your fly. Thanks Dan
  13. My favorite clouser for stripers is all white with pearl crystal flash and chartreuse over white with pearl crystal. I usually use bead chain eyes or small white with black pupil lead eyes. I like the fly small about 2 inches. As far as hooks go. I usually use mustad 34007 or 34011. I like the really long shank when the fish are hitting short. I have also used Mustad C71S SS circle streamer hook. Here is a couple of flies that the blue fish loved to eat. Dan
  14. I originally anwered this question assuming we are fishing fresh water pond and lakes. Blue gill , bream and fresh water perch. I will stay with the sponge spider and white popper. In tidal rivers where yellow perch migrate. Spring time I have had my best luck with small clousers. chartreuse over white, and all white. White perch in salt water I have had good luck with small clousers also, same colors as above. Day5 that black spong spider produces alot of perch, crappie, bass, and even a some chain pickeral. Dan
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