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  1. In my opinion the best wading boots around right now would be the new line from Simms, called "CleanStream". They use a sole called "Vibram" which has fantastic grip. You could then put studs in them to give them even more grip. Here in New Zealand they have completely banned the use of felt soled boots.
  2. Well, I guess if I had the money I would pay for all you guys to fly over here. Then jump into some helicopters and fly into the middle of nowhere in the North or South Island, places where people have possibly never even fished. Then I would try and catch the "fish of a life time" on a dry (a nymph would be fine aswell, it's the fish that matters!) in the crystal clear water, and put him back to fight another day of course. Easier said than done though, those monster trout didn't get that big by being stupid Just some picture I found to give you an idea of what I'm thinking: Yes, there's water in there!! The stream may look small but I bet it holds 10lbs+ trout Picture not of me
  3. Sorry I didn't have time to enter this one. I have been busy fishing as it's summer over here, and bulk tying Pheasant Tails and Hare 'n' Coppers to sell to a mate Next time :devil:
  4. Can't wait. Will be good to see what I'm up against
  5. Just start your computer in safe mode. INFO: Safe Mode. Then, when you are in Windows, run an anti-virus program or do a system restore. If you get into Safe Mode there should be no need for the Windows disks.
  6. I have just started to fish emergers and they are absolutely deadly! If the fish are rising and aren't taking dries then they will almost certainly take your emerger.
  7. Yeah, I knew it was slightly too long. I only had my bad hackle material left, I have to go buy some more
  8. Hey guys, here's my first fly on here It's obviously a Royal Wulff. I have used a synthetic material instead of white calf tail, as I find it floats far better. I'm 16 and have only started tying. Constructive criticism is certainly welcome
  9. Might tie up a few good Kiwi flies which are deadly on the rivers right now
  10. It really depends on the situation. When I am nymping I will usually use one MillStream foam indicator, or two if the water is a bit faster or deeper (MillStream Never Fade Indicators). Otherwise I will fish with a dry fly as my indicator. In large rivers (such as the Tongariro-NZ) I use a yarn indicator.
  11. I'm from New Zealand, most say this is where the best fly fishing in the world is (for trout at least) :yahoo:
  12. The more I look at it the less I think it is possum. We dont use bear in NZ but we import quite a lot of deer, rabbit and squirel. It could also be a fake fur.
  13. Hi, im from New Zealand and that fur is definately not kangaroo or wallabie (there from australia). To me it looks like it is possum hair
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