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  1. I had never been use Sinkingline and Sinking Tippetline before, and I interesting in both (I already have Flotingline) but i dont sure how the difference about 3 type lines on casting PS. Sorry for my grammar
  2. Mmmm.... What's a hook type? or I must make it from pins to a Squid hook ?
  3. I just got a question about fly fishing to fish the Squids. Maybe we can got them by fly?
  4. Hi Folk , I would like to make a quick description of myself in this first post. First : I'm Thai, so sorry if I am not very good in English. Second : I'm just a beginner in fly fishing My name is James. I'll be honest and say i just start with fly fishing since 3 mouths ago. at first i found this forum by my close friend, He sent some Fly Tying Pattern Database on this site and i follow to read more Pattern and i found some Pattern can't use in Thailand (I don't know why i can't fish them ) Now I don't have so much free time from University's Class (except the 2rd and the 4th Sunday of mouth) I'm offen fish with Fly when i lazy to use a boring lure on Spinning rod but I don't have my own fly that i tyed by myself . I always practice to tyed it but always bad I dont know how to got a good skill in fly tying :crying: Thanks from a Newbie James
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