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  1. Did some mini spins....
  2. Found a leftover hook with blade attached. Added lil body. Maybe castable and run just under the surface; pause after long strips....And convert a Gurgler into a rat...
  3. Got my zippered boots from Scotland today they are made in France. My Bday from DD. Couldn’t find anywhere; no problem 🤗
  4. Added a few Matukas to the mix...
  5. Couple of big # 10 Humpies! One off the chart😳 Black Humpy.... Found a lil fur strip to try a MiniHankyMouse one with trailer hook one smaller w/o...
  6. Max and Taylor, on our trip, couldn’t get a rental vehicle in Anchorage. All booked up for July!!!😳. But there are individuals that rent “Yuya” , I guess. Kinda like Uber....New to me....
  7. Guy said there was a pink dry fly that was killer for Grayling. Missed the name. Did search and decided on my version. Found some real short deer hair on base of a bucktail and after a chennile body decided on wraps of foam strip, deer hair wing/tail. Oughta float well down below film some and skate it along and maybe not be pushed away as the lil mouths strike.👍 The one I found had CDC wing and a pink dubbed body w/white hackle, no tail....Snip off my tails...
  8. Thanks Kiddo. Facing disappointment on my trip. Chinooks/Kings outa season. Coho/Silvers big question Mark??? Maybe some Chums and Pinks. Sockeye are later on. Now Dollys aren’t around but Grayling. RAINBOWS! Maybe better bring some big salty stuff and some wire for some Pike in the lakes. Hope the jet boat trip and float trip on the Willow will work out better than it appears ☹️ Denali tourist here I come...☹️
  9. Maybe some for the Dollies and Grayling. My version of “NineThree” streamer with paint drop eyes over glass bead heads...Oops pic outa focus....
  10. OT. Have you ever Bonsai’d trees that bloom? We have lots of Azaleas down here in Dixie. Some have been bred to bloom spring and fall. They’re “Encore” and are evergreen. Regular ones are deciduous. Ran across this on FB...... Hope you get better...🤗Does Smalliehunter visit here anymore?
  11. Otay Buckwheat.....Blue Humpy 😛 yeh, yeh the wings need to be gray; dats no fun...Oops purple slipped in😳 Might oughta Solarez the backs...
  12. Never really fished a hatch as such. Tail end of SalmonFly in Idaho and caddis and midge hatches in the Ozarks. I don’t tie lil dries. Don’t have the stuff. The only necks I have are Grizzly and brown that have the right feathers. Most catches for me are with humpies, caddis, GriffithKnats and of course hoppers. And mostly store bought; the tinys. Just playing with the purple mostly. Only thing I learned about Grayling so far is they will hit on larger flies with movement. One guy said he pulled them outa log jams on MiniHankelyMouse.... I prolly just pick up some blue duns at a fly shop. My entire dry collection.... Not any use down here in Dixie and hatches on trips no joy....might try to fake it with blue bodies and Grizzly for some larger. I got some hooks and magnifying readers😛 Ever heard of a blue Humpy 🥴
  13. Hit another lake this afternoon. Only caught 2 but pretty good ones. The water was super clear so the frog worked.... Released them in Bud’s pond but least one croaked rereleased in freezer....😛
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