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  1. That’s a bracelet😏😛 No, flies etc are dry. Just careful mixing hardener to keep bubble to minimum. HobbyLobby resin/hardener 1/2 and1/2.
  2. May not be classy enough for your salmon flies but I’ve made a few shadow boxes. My DD gave me one that had canvas over cardboard so I had to layout and drill some lil holes to wire the flies on. I found some hinged boxes with batten at HobbyLobby for half price. I added cardboard to increase the pressure when closed so the flies don’t move. I’ve made some by gluing cork or foam cylinders to hold the flies but that prolly wouldn’t ship well. Guy gave me a heavy pocket knife display frame that I intend to get thick batten and do it. DD found a very old one I made back in 60s with plastic covered deal. You can cast stuff in resin too. Hope you can’t read my name on the duck stamps. 👍
  3. Tough with even young hands… Hats off to this guy!
  4. Guess I could put this here? Mahi-mahi, Dorado, locally Dolphin. Too purdy to fish and a Fopaux….glueing eyes on it!😳😏 2/0
  5. Makes it lots easier after you fasten the tail and your top and bottom mat’l whip finish and get the thread/ bobbin outa the way to make the weaves. If you have to stop to add hackle, legs pinch the weave and restart your thread and cinch down. Whip and go again. Wires is easy; it stays where bent. Never had a book took the Hellgrammite fly apart to figure it out when I was 14. Detached body. Wow that looks like a trick 👍
  6. Good idea. Although shrimp swim forwards but “pop” backwards, I don’t see it matters. These are for Ozark trouting to be drifted drag free. Could be taken as maybe mysis shrimp or even scuds. I have 2 shrimp patterns for the salt that work great that are forward. Slow strip and pause after jerk doesn’t matter. Mostly fish couple of them dangling under a click popper. Cdads?
  7. Funny when peeps go to the trouble to put eyeballs on Sowbugs….
  8. Can’t tell but Kudos on the traditional splayed hackle tails and matching hackle wraps.👍 I like to take pliers and needle and insert legs but prolly not necessary… Take lil pause before setting the hook will increase hook ups.
  9. Ran across this. Looks like you could drill and thread a LPG injector tube into the carb and be able to go either way??? https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/yamaha-outboard-conversion-to-lpg.43208/ Unless you’re leaving the ethanol gas in for long periods I’d just pour the Stabil to it. I don’t worry when I’m going thru tankfulls frequently. I got an inline water separator on my bay boat. Moisture can get in any gas in a marine deal. Good luck!
  10. Back in 2002ish I asked Smalliehunter to unregister me cuz lotta gay talk, in jest I think, and stunk up the place and I got mad. I was just gonna lurk. Didn’t happen I was locked out for 2 years. Clicked on it one day and was back in. This place was the Schnitz back then. I missed it. Pattern Database, etc. Ever notice most all the players change every 6 months or less in these forums? I come and go. Sorry for my static. Frustrated and sad at what is happening.
  11. I thought it was DuckDuck….Goose!😛 Frustrating. Only good thing left about this place lately is the members. 😏
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