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  1. Tried to send this as a PM but pics didn’t work. Yours Dads look and should track great. Don’t really need to change a thing . The feather for the shell back makes yours nice! .👍Gonna post some of mine for you to get more ideas maybe. Used d-rib, pheasant claws, and deer hair on some. Used kids hair fibers w/ glass rattles on some. Use md felt, d rib, flank feathers for claws on others. There’s a s trout stream in Arkansas that is just full of snails. You can see the stockers tailing as they gobble them up. Their guts are full of them but for the life of us we can’t gettem on any snail pattern we’ve tried. But you have had success with clam flies before, amazing. Good Luck 🤗
  2. denduke


    Some of these could be taken for lil snakes maybe....
  3. denduke


    Anybody do any snakes? Some more of Larry Tullis stuff...WiggleSnake. I added swimmer tails Got an order in for 2 🥧 and whatever’s left for ice cream toppings 😛 IMG_2373.MOV
  4. SC those are bitties , not ducklings. Down here this time of year the chickens are wearing their shrimping boat boots!😝 Oh these things wiggle nicely. Daytime action video on the morrow, Sportsfans👍😉
  5. Not sure how these are gonna track.. Looks like the way they did the body on the original ShimmyFrog I think, just can’t see it in the pic. Inserted eye in foam after dressing and tied the foam down in the back. I poked some holes in the front of this Cdad with bodkin and inserted lil pieces of lead to make it neutral and wobble.👍 Will work on bigmouths down here in Dixie and maybe get mangled by some pike in the FarNorth. Got me some wire/lil cable stuff that ties like line😳..Maybe some mono weedguards. Ran across hunting ducklings. Larry Tullis Wiggle bugs. They wiggle! ..
  6. Used the big double hook...more of a lure now. In order to save the hook bite I sewed the foam to the hook w/braid. Not sure about the stoppers on the hooks. And added some 40# mono weed guards...The curly tail off the Greenhead was for kicks😛 IMG_2335.MOV
  7. Returned to the scene of the crime ....Put lil blades on where rubber legs were with no swivel just to flutter. Not a show stopper....Started over with blades that can spin but couldn’t use the huge double hook. Woulda killed it as a fly.... Before I put feathers on gotta try it in water. Looks like will work the 5/0 Owner hook didn’t help the weight but it floats and spinners ok and it don’t tump over👍 Prolly could skip feathers... IMG_2314.MOV
  8. Gotta change mine or start over. The important thing is action like a swimming duckling. Mine is kinda lame with the stiff rubber feet. Since I don’t have black/ brown swimmer tails; easy way out and light weight. I remember way back when there was a lure that had spinner blades for feet. Not necessarily spin but flutter. I got plenty and gonna paint the blades black and install. Work in progress. Problem keep the thing a fly and not a lure....maybe some darker feathers mixed in too with some lil dark stubby wings out the sides I don’t have yellow flanks just strung hackles...oh well. Mostly a gimmick but this stuff gotta be fun or what’s the point....🤗
  9. Is that your fly WWK? I thought it was Mike Williams. Couldn’t find in my search any details.
  10. I’ll bite. Couple layers of 1/4” foam, cut out a head, and saddle hackles a body. Didn’t have yellar thread. Pull some rubber legs thru the foam with bobbin threader. Wish I had some black swimmer legs. Ain’t tried it yet... may be needs to be wider. might role over... could do one just foam maybe stick some feathers in the foam All the thread is for is too attach feathers. It’s not really as big a real duck but.... nothing like getting hit in the back of the head with half a chicken👍
  11. Looks good to me. Get some rubber legs maybe and do your mouse the same👍
  12. Welcome NH... Gobs of mouse patterns around. Traditional stack and pack deer hair, elk?, trimmed or fur and foam creations. Some try to exact copy a mouse others focus on how they look swinging on a drift or twitched along. You mentioned mouse, ducks are you fishing for pike or musky? Here’s my “BabyNutraRat” fly, 7/0. You can use the elk hair to substitute rabbit or squirrel strips I suppose and use foam for some. Stack and pack your elk hair sounds like what you wanta do. All these pics are already on here.....
  13. NeverSinkers
  14. BigCypress TN or BigCypress FL? We have a place here in M’isipi called SkyLake, fishing/duck hunting, that has some very old trees!
  15. Interesting pic backgrounds...bugs crawling on leaves, bushes😛
  16. WJG, finally got around to my version of your pupa. Had to anchor beads with resin and added a head bead. Have you got a pic? Maybe better w/o bead head?
  17. Micke.H, I found your prawns👍
  18. 14 overhand mono knot/ resin Caddis pupae....2 clear glass beads added on bottom pic.....trout food...
  19. Look buggy; great photography....Welcome. UV resin?
  20. Getting smaller all the time
  21. Tried the flex bands but couldn’t get CA glue to work. It curled up and no bond. What glue did you use? This rubber is too stiff but bonds great. Thanks
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