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  1. I don’t have the magazine anymore. 30th Anniversary Fly Tying Championship winner is all. First Wraps, Donald Klausemeyer(?) NearNoughSculpin looks close if you tweeked the colors maybe....
  2. I don’t do recipes but I’ll try to explain it. I got he idea from a magazine years ago. The long deer hair is the antenna thru the body and flared to make the tail. It’s got mono melted eyes, chennile, hackle and pheasant breast with the centers cut out for claws. After that tie in D-rib and wrap over the chennile back to the tail. I have caught many trout with these “static” Cdads. I.e. they don’t swim, hook rides down, no lead eyes to make the hook ride up. I swing them in the current and recast rather than do much stripping. I can drop them in the stream and minnows, chubs, sculpins, everything literally attacks them. Main problem the exposed deer hair backs get mangled after few fish. I have glued those but lately I do a similar one with felt backs that work just as well. I have a few different Dads that are made to retrieve. Maybe this helps.
  3. I have a favorite lil black sculpin that the trout just love. Prolly work for smallies. Add some purple? I have sculpins too.
  4. CapmBob I have long since used your advice on salty stuff. I think you use a Bimini Twist. I use a DoubleSurgeons loop/double line glued with the DoubleLarksHead into a double nailknot fly line loop for serious stuff. I have lately eliminated the big knot with the furled loops which are double line and finish the tapered furl leader with a mini swivel and short tippet. If a bite tippet can the swivel use perfection loop and figure 8 at the fly. Or Albright glued to a wire bend/ Haywire twist at the fly. Or swivel/wire....HWT at fly.
  5. I use the double larkshead on any loop to loop. All you gotta do is run the small diameter thru twice. Work it up to where it “round turns “ the strait part of the loop. It then “ bites” on it rather than sliding down and mangling the soft fly line loop. Works on small mono to heavier mono too. Hang ups break at the fly not up at the leader. Had to show my young AK guide this. Saved his sanity as we were loosing DahliLamas and lower part of the leaders right and left cuz snagging a lot on the blow downs where the fish were on a float trip. I fixed him up with flies and furled leaders!🤗
  6. I’ve started using the rings but moreover lil swivels and even snaps. In my trout vest some hand furled leader with lil rings Double Larkshead rather than furled in. Got lil deals for prerigged multi fly deals. Usually a hopper and couple of droppers. My WW boat box got some furled ready to go 8’ mostly with swivels and even have snaps on some. Stopped popper casting line twists.
  7. I used MOM’s plates for ideas. MaryOrvisMarbury.. But took off on my own 😉
  8. Hank is going on 8. He’s sired a few pups in the neighborhood but nothing to pedigree. Guy down the road sent word need to send some child support checks..🤣
  9. Great! I’d have to go kill another rabbit. Never thought I’d need a rabbits foot. Got a HareEarMask. Crazy mat’l list for some stuff. Unlucky for the tibbar...Eating wife’s turnip patch. Not any hatches on my horizon so don’t tie many lil dry flies; I’ll pass. The “CaneCutter” was a little chewy.
  10. White RiverMidges per BerryBrothers then others...
  11. Couple HolyGrails with copper bead.
  12. I think I got this from @Retrocarp. Tried some of my version. Not near as polished though. Cranefly?
  13. Only thing I noticed is you gotta hit “prev” or “next” twice to work on IPhone
  14. Group of them called MylarMinnows. Pretty simple. Most have marabou tails some with unraveled Mylar.
  15. “2 feathers”. Tail, body, wing is one feather then a hackle to make 2??? Here’s some with one feather, dubbing, bead, hook, thread. And these fan wings have one feather tail/body with 2 wings, and one hackle to make 4 feathers. Oops dubbed/ribbed bodies I cheated. Just messin with youse guys... Need to have all participants to tie the choosen fly. First poster choose next fly. Oh well like watching Fords rust.🤗
  16. Tried some of these carp flies I ran across. Only got grass carp around here but they looked buggy. Nothing much to them. Cut the fork outa a breast feather for tail, lil dubbing, wrap one side of what’s left of the feather behind bead chain eyes tied on the back of the hook. One feather, dubbing, chain bead....
  17. Finally broke out the welder and made me another 4Whlr rack. Bent the heck outa the other one trying to lift battery golf cart off a stump with winch pullyed off the frame. Was going fine till told Kathy to ease ahead. And she took off like a bat outa Hell🥴 Easy on/ off mount with the right angle conduit clamps to the bike’s basket and frame. Handy even though built to haul boat:/pirogue.
  18. Used cocoons for awhile after clip ons on scripts. The $25 cocoons from Walmart were junk. After awhile the salt “ dissolved” the lense finish. WTF!
  19. Prolly can use on any hair wings you could come up with. Very dark compared to coyote, gray squirrel.
  20. So the difference between an intruder and articulated is the trailing hook is not dressed and no front hook; a shank. And actually a big softhackle. And the bare trailer is for an advantage? Certainly extra effort to do that than just tying on a hook I had to remove one of the hooks on my EggedDahliLamas to be legal for salmon so I clipped the trailer hook at the eye to hold the back bead on. But I coulda clipped the front hook and created an Intruder????? So there’s an advantage to the trail hook and just a front shank for hook ability/short strikes? I wanted to have both. (There was an issue about using multiple plastic beads “ unless incorporated into the fly”) Sorry to jump track here. I can see maybe better feathers for trout than preferred rubber skirts for bass. Although “bird fur”, schlappen, marabou are breathe just more subtle than rubber legs
  21. Careful some of that stuff is kinda stiff but works on larger flies... Can color it with Sharpies
  22. Got alotta choices. Truck box has different setups for local stuff at an instant. Many 2 piece. Another box I work out of in ArkieLand wading 4 different streams from truck. Most favorite daily prolly lil EagleClaw Granger I got years ago for $18 at a bankrupt sale. Shoulda bought them all. Effortless with a lil bass bug cruising the banks all afternoon with old shoulder issues. Will hate when I brake it. I believe they can be had even today for $100ish. I don’t take it on trips. Blind fold you and you might think your casting a Sage/Helios but that’s an exaggeration.Favorite reel is lil gold Plueger gifted years ago by daughter.
  23. denduke

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    Elvis’ Bday https://nationaltoday.com/birthday/elvis-presley/ Wife’s letter. 😛 “Had a peanut and banana sandwich for Elvis birthday.Wore my blue suede shoes this morning. Played my Elvis records all day. Had a hunk hunk of burning love early this morning. Beside that I have been bored all day. I seen Elvis last year in Rooster Poot Mississippi at the Iron Armadillo Festivals. He looks good, hasn’t age a bit. If you love Elvis as much as I do, give me a YOU BET.” 🤗
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