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  1. These wiggle...for ideas. Foam is tough. Gotta be nose heavey to dig and thus wiggle. Otherwise they’ll just roll over and scoot. Had to insert lead and “tune” many of mine. I’ve found narrow body helps. The beveled cylinders wiggle. These purple ones are great. Good luck
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    Juke Box

  3. Tried a few things. That one the tail is too heavey. Bent the lip in different positions nada. Thinking about the lil swimmer tail stuff for a good action at the expense of realism. My foam lipped wigglers work great. Hard to get tiny stuff to act right. Prolly can the lip and get a wavy tail...
  4. After realizing how lively they are from the video I tried to add a lip to one to create the wiggle. Still on the drawing board; barely wiggled and kinda large. I have a simple version with bead chain eyes.
  5. Mine ate my half HungarianPartridge skin😳
  6. Kinda late but shrimp tied on a tube. Nothing fancy just clipped the ends off a plastic Qutip, melted the ends a lil and dressed. Had some bug eyed 3407DT Mustads tied on 12# TryleneBigGame mono.
  7. I must be wrong. Matukas are feathered and Zonkers are the fur ones.... Oops marabou not fur...🙃. Obviously didn’t read it. Incredible detail and ingenious. Not enough of that lately. Certainly better than copying from a book! Sounds like a double Matuka; feather on bottom and top. The top forming the tail? Nifty idea, have to try that. Mine won’t be nearly as complicated. Similar deal with rabbit strips; zonkers... Add the parr marks, side bars.😏
  8. Mans best friend....total devotion, never complains, and ready for most anything w/o hesitation. Here’s some brown dogs I have had over the years. Celebrate your pup and post yours up !
  9. Anybody interested into making some lil, easy castable and great fluttering effect spoons, can use plastic Easter eggs. The key is when cutting them out to leave lil tabs on each end to tie to the hook. I bend the 3407DT hooks to conform to the curve and thread wrap the hook. I use Solarez resin but you can prolly do the same with simple clear fingernail polish like SallyHansen. You can sprinkle glitter dust too. Add trailers and/or mono weed guards as you want.
  10. Mostly glass bead bodies not heads. Forgot the bead bodied scuds.
  11. Add lips or shape bodies to get it...
  12. Remoras offer no danger. https://insider.si.edu/2013/02/new-study-proves-the-remoras-sucker-disc-is-a-highly-modified-dorsal-fin-qa-with-co-author-david-johnson/
  13. Yes some chuck and duck. Photo overload!😳
  14. Passing the time with the salt....
  15. At 73 prolly never get back to AK. But I’m still ready....
  16. $.02. Chennile may be the toughest to weave. Yarn, cord, floss, stretch tubing, etc and even wire is easier to control cuz once you bend it it stays!
  17. denduke

    Happy Holidays

    HappyXmas!!! Dang that’s hard to wrap stuff that far back on the hook... My Dede always has fun with gag gifts. My kidney issues 🥴🤗
  18. Careful around here with such. The fly/lure Natzis gonna jump on this. I learned to keep such to myself. The problem sharing with peeps on stuff like this in PMs in this joint is you can’t load pics except hosting somewhere and post the url in PMs. PITA..... Right up my alley though.
  19. If I had some way to mount my iPhone behind my left shoulder at the vice could I do it by just dialing the correct number. Don’t really need an app right? Camera/microphone is on the phone? Or put the phone on other side of vice pointing toward it and me. Obviously ain’t ever done a zoom but have done “FaceTime”. Like a conference call???
  20. Yes, and the top fibers are peeled off or trimmed and pulled sideways on the bottom to give a flattened look. It is tied in during the weaving where the body is built up some about half way up.
  21. I needed that video. Great example to shorten hackles by loop dubbing.👍
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