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  1. IPhone 12 works fine lately moving and photos.
  2. Might as well and get these over with, WoollyBugger!
  3. I’ll start out. Won’t take a week but cheating...🤪😂 Take photos with IPhone they load right up “click to choose files”
  4. Arkie favorite lately “Y2K”. Try my versions.
  5. From somebody that has never caught a Grayling my $.02. My research kept coming up pink. I’d suggest some Humpies with pink bodies.
  6. No matter how you do loops and especially on new factory loops if you’ll go thru twice with the leader loop you create a round turn over the double line of the loop. This creates the force there instead of bottoming out on the soft flyline loop and deforming it. Works well on tippet connections too. Stop breaking at the tippet to leader loop but at the fly knot on hang ups! You can go thru several times on Dacron or braid at the backing loops also. I double the backing and make a long loop to be able to change flylines without having to cut anything.
  7. Lil foam cranker. Lip from trimmed plastic fingernail.
  8. Been making them outa flex coil stuff. But inserting the rubber legs is time consuming.
  9. The 9wt has been getting around... WwKimba you can KODA! 19+ pounds?
  10. Tie on the glass rattle top middle of hook, UV it, tie on legs fore and aft, tie on the eyes, tie lil orange for the gut first. Lay the fibers on and 5-6 wraps and whip, Krazyglue. Turn it around in vice tie the tail by wrapping and UV it so no knot to fuss with. Twist tail right and flare it then UV the flare. Trim tail and horn on head. Use brush and Solarez the head and fibers well back some, harden. Sharpie the segments. The melted mono, glass bead eyes made up ahead of time and UV again when torching the head to guarantee. Used “kids hair fibers” can use “supreme hair”. Can make Cdads similar way.
  11. Prolly never make it back. Youse guys up there now pretty much getting stuck/frozen into your igloos!😂. In July shucks we were going strong a 11:00 PM In Anchorage peeps living on the water all have float planes....down here they all have bass boats. The creeks we fished up the road where I caught my prize prolly froze over by now...
  12. Don’t follow? The shrimp “medium” prolly 41-50, the hook 1/0-2. Me? Bout big as you😛 Tied these for AK but never used them “prawns”. You want’em? Seafood dinner! Oops, female blue crab with eggs, release.
  13. SBPatt, I’m lil confused but I’m kinda slow on the uptake anyway. How do you keep all the names straight? FiberShrimp. FlexCoilSquid
  14. Been curious about doing tube flies. Mostly a Steele/salmon thing. Wish I had some Rhea feathers and Cockeyes. I instead tried a tube shrimp. Liked the mat’l combo so had to put it on a hook....🤔
  15. https://www.flytyer.com/demystifying-mysis/?fbclid=IwAR30LkcxKVsmQYRR18UXzCga7sR8JKE-sPB5ZOQrq1R5Jm3jLMPB241iIGQ my first attempts ....
  16. I wouldn’t. There’s other things you can do but that bug will hunt!!! This is what goes here....
  17. Few big bright Matukas size 3ea 1, a 2, and a 4. Forgot about the “short shankers”...
  18. Arkie Spring River candy for the stockers. They like larger bright flies. The big dries have deer hair hackles.
  19. Tubbing bodies. Had to split it to make it smaller. The flash in it makes the clear bodies sparkle.
  20. Outlaw Thompson or something or other? Some times when waiting on glue to dry I got something in all 5. Simple adjust from 7/0 to #20 with quick turns of the barrel and shower down on the lever holds the world. Tried the rotaries went back to the work horse for years. Have had to replace the pins after braking them on big hooks. Surprise!
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