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  1. Outlaw Thompson or something or other? Some times when waiting on glue to dry I got something in all 5. Simple adjust from 7/0 to #20 with quick turns of the barrel and shower down on the lever holds the world. Tried the rotaries went back to the work horse for years. Have had to replace the pins after braking them on big hooks. Surprise!
  2. Playing around with some big “flash muddlers”. The wings/tails are wide flash instead of turkey...
  3. Didn’t have the correct feathers for true fanwings...Closest I got to the streamer are these with the Badger wings.
  4. Lil dries not my forte....couple RoyalCoachmans
  5. Answered that question...WallyWings ain’t for me.
  6. Can’t remember if it was Wallyworld <- or HobbyLobby. It ties like large embossed tinsel, has no core.👍 Cheap too. Most is the regular gold on one side silver on the other flat stuff.
  7. Had all the purple and blue stuff out...why not
  8. Problem with retriever puppies....”That joker chewed up my favorite ________________. “ Years ago my Dede right outa college that she worked her way thru, had bought her a house/was on her way. She was dating a hyway patrolman. They got into it about her dog. She put him out and kept the dog....😏😝
  9. HenryRufusCudaBrown, HankyBoy is going on 6 yrs. One time he ate my HungarianPartridge half skin when I stepped outa the tying room. 😡 He got snake bit last month but OK.
  10. soft hackles with glass beads mostly.
  11. Couple of Dungeons and another Peanut. The set so far...
  12. Few articulated CircusPeanuts, my version on #1 Duratin hooks for the possible salt. Hmmm...pink, black, purple.🤔 Been awhile since did any Dungeons...
  13. Few short shank Matukas with non typical wing feathers.
  14. Why post your flies in the monthly and a seperate post just for them. Dept of Redundancy Dept. I got called down for such. Oh but your a privileged character?
  15. denduke

    Hanging it up

    At 73 I know what you mean. All future trips gonna be mostly guided and float deals minimum wading for sure...
  16. Never thought about old fashioned poppers. Never considered searching or making any of those. Had a couple years ago made of hard wood with feathers tied on the outside like has been posted. We have digressed into the new stuff now. Back to some blue?😛 Couple of more. Maybe a Halloweenie...
  17. Foam has become the easiest. I ran across some kinda foam in an A/C crate that is remarkable. Shape and sand like cork, takes paint, and very durable. I made my infamous Ploppers with it.
  18. I gave up on balsa. Got tired of the splitting and braking that doesn’t happen with cork or hard foam. I had to wrap the bodies to prevent splitting. PITA after shaping bodies and they brake apart when putting in the hooks
  19. I use some bait hooks from AcademySports. 15 for $3 size 2 and some 1/0. They got little barbs on the shank. Made in Korea prolly by slave labor. Bout everything else, serious stuff, is Mustad 3407DT Duratin rather than expensive SS. The silver wouldn’t look quite right on the “old” stuff I figured.... Couple Gadwall, breasts and flanks Academy stocks the Duratin but not in smaller sizes so had to order. 4,2,1,1/0
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