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  1. Puttem in hinged/clasp display case so can cram more in later... tempted to fish a few🤔 One to fish with...
  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch....feathers for ole bass flies...
  3. They say animals, dogs don’t t have souls. I’m convinced they can smile, frown, reflect, think, and dream....
  4. That’s Duke he has passed. It’s Hank now going on 6.
  5. You need to find some duckers for the lil black tipped feathers that are on wings, especially Mallards. Can you buy whole duck wings? They’re legal for fly tying. Good dawg Duke!
  6. Update. Few more for the next set. Got hinged display case from HobbyLobby half price, $12. Found some interesting pheasant feathers.
  7. Since can’t edit and got the Badger and orange going on....
  8. Negative just tied it and few more modifications
  9. Ran across this. Reminds me of BreadCrust. Prolly from someone on FTF?
  10. Few more squirrel tail, grizzly, and paint drop eyed streamers.
  11. You might find some duck hunters. Lotta duck feathers in tying. Pheasant, Grouse, turkey hunters too. Kinda rare but there are Peacocks, Gennies, but not song birds, hawks, owls. Not even if you find them on the ground. Again bug proof!!!
  12. I’ve noticed on the editing issue, seems you can’t add anything but you can delete stuff.😳
  13. You might work out a deal with your in-laws for future feathers. Like buy bitties and maybe help with feed bill. This is kinda long range. Not recommending anything just what I do or have done. Back when we had our menagerie I got “Domineckers” that are Grizzly color. They lay brown eggs. Managed a few neck skins over the years. Gotta skin the necks and saddles then tack on a board and salt/ Borax. Careful to bug proof them! My daughter has a few now and I got a great rooster Badger neck when he croaked. I got my eyes on a few more. The Wyandotte are like reverse Badger. Never see those on a fly. Here’s a few of the better necks I’ve gotten. The 3 top ones were purchased.
  14. Hope others don’t mind. Here’s a lil foam overload PopBug for some ideas....
  15. Can’t edit so go again. I found that making the foam wigglers keep the body narrow and they worky better. Also stagger some foam discs to make a great diver. They ate this one up one day. Cdad look. CA glue is your friend and tie when possible. Foam is the quickest and easiest bugs to craft!
  16. The only place I’ve found the thicker foam, 1/4”, is Michael’s but they only have black, white. Some other colors at HobbyLobby on odd things not sheets. The white colors easy with sharpies.
  17. Most peeps just leave the bone in lettem dry as long as they don’t rot. Lil trick pulling bone out. I spilt mine after then salt to dry. Philly, I’ve had no luck trying to split out to the end with a knife. Use 2 big nails, 2 screwdrivers to strip. Trappers have “tail strippers”
  18. Hello MS hand. I found some packing stuff in an AC crate that is great. Easy to sand like cork. Don’t know what it is and have just the one dull color. I quit using flipflops cuz some are too soft. Make lots of stuff outa foam especially the 1/8” and 1/4” sheets. Drill out the bodies with spent cartridge hulls chucked in a drill. I got 45/70, 357, and 223 for 3 sizes. Have to poke them out thru the primer hole. Go in sideways and make long bodies too.
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