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  1. You can do resin casts too. Given most away. Got this one from Hardware store guy when he stopped stocking a brand of knives. Heavey duty. The ones like this you gotta come up with mounting scheme I glued lil corks or foam cylinders to insert the hooks on these.
  2. I’ve done a few. Lately they have some hinged cases with backing at HobbyLobby. They have many sizes. Every other week they’re half price on shadow boxes. Got this one for $13. I put a cardboard behind to make the backing press harder on the flies so they wouldn’t move.👍 https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Frames-Photo-Albums/Shadow-Boxes-Display-Cases/Shallow-Front-Load-Display-Case/p/38600?gclid=CjwKCAiAyfybBhBKEiwAgtB7fopF_XsNnKx8O4eOYY--LDu7O5Vu11aObjhCU_F6ftZ5AFEMhlrF7BoC43kQAvD_BwE
  3. These will prolly never be polished enough for the arts but fishable. GreenButtSkunk and FreightTrain. Zoran great looking bug! Tried one with the “BirdFur” feather palmered followed by oval tinsel to secure. Kinda a pain and not the best outcome. Just placed this eye on to look dont ostracize me yet 🙃
  4. Last year tried my dangdest to catch this guy in a State lake. Tried buncha flies before he left. Just cruising by the boat launch. 3-4 pounds? F&G biologist said prolly a Koi somebody dumped in. Amazing he hadn’t been eaten! Have never seen him again. Keep a few $.29 ers in a couple of rain barrels to keep out the skeeters. They grow pretty fast on food pellets.
  5. I can post some mops. I too don’t do them anymore. I didn’t like the sogginess and missed strikes. Some peeps like em. But here’s a CaddisPupa, DrownedHopper, and some lil bright deals for gills. if this flies with youse guys, I’ll suggest something pretty. RoyalCoachman...dry , wet, streamer whatever or all three 😳
  6. Lil intrusion from the peanut gallery. Don’t have the best and proper mat’l yet but got a few hooks and since can’t get Rhea or Raptor feathers, especially black, I found some “BirdFur”. Prolly never a salmon or steelhead on my horizon but wanted to play with these so got me some classic salmon hooks. I’ll bet these would work though up on the WhiteRiver in the winter when the browns are “egg” oriented.... I guess they are “Intruders”?...Dying to glue on some eyes? You recon? Oops, have since learned Intruders are tied on shanks with a trailer hook....Oh well...
  7. I try to use what’s available in sporting goods stores but that’s tough. Made an order on Mustad Duratin coated rather than SS. 3407DT awhile back. Use them for the bigger stuff. 3/0 to 4s just recieved a FlyShack order to try some $7/100 Saber. Gonna see how they work out. Been wanting to try some stuff with Rhea or Raptor feathers. Had to settle on the BirdFur to try.
  8. Few scuds. Wraps of Ostrich for legs over the back with Drib and mono rib finished with Solarez build up. Pics w/IPhone.
  9. IPhone 12 works fine lately moving and photos.
  10. Might as well and get these over with, WoollyBugger!
  11. I’ll start out. Won’t take a week but cheating...🤪😂 Take photos with IPhone they load right up “click to choose files”
  12. Arkie favorite lately “Y2K”. Try my versions.
  13. From somebody that has never caught a Grayling my $.02. My research kept coming up pink. I’d suggest some Humpies with pink bodies.
  14. No matter how you do loops and especially on new factory loops if you’ll go thru twice with the leader loop you create a round turn over the double line of the loop. This creates the force there instead of bottoming out on the soft flyline loop and deforming it. Works well on tippet connections too.
  15. Lil foam cranker. Lip from trimmed plastic fingernail.
  16. The 9wt has been getting around... WwKimba you can KODA! 19+ pounds?
  17. Prolly never make it back. Youse guys up there now pretty much getting stuck/frozen into your igloos!😂. In July shucks we were going strong a 11:00 PM In Anchorage peeps living on the water all have float planes....down here they all have bass boats. The creeks we fished up the road where I caught my prize prolly froze over by now...
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