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  1. My favorite daughter got me a Cannon dig camera that has macro function. The focal length is 3/8" to 18" from the camera lens. I'm tryin to catch a gnat to get a pic of his azz.... LaterDL From Lil Red Flyshop...RIP...
  2. My $.02...Remember whatever size you use to wind the thread way down, halfway prolly, to keep the single strand right over the hook point, but not too much to cause missed strikes... On poppers I like to use 2 guards spread just right when attached. These here are 20# monos...Later DL
  3. I'm with Steve P. on this...Make your own...Make'em any shape you want and size. Actually not hard at all with razor knife and sand/emery paper...You don't have to be restricted to hump back hooks from suppliers either...You can bend your own outa better stuff too, and the shanks ain't a mile long I start out with some small corks from the hardware store/hobby lobby and cut, shape with emery paper, razor knife. Balance the corks to the size of your hooks. Next I take some bendable worm hooks from Wallyworld and make hump shanks out'em and split the bottom of the corks and line with thread and glue them to the hooks. Maybe just gordehead and buy the poppers... I do it in steps...I couldn't do all the steps the same day. Must be my problem. The limits of this craft's supplies was made to overcome. Not tryin to put you down man. If I had a bag of bodiies I'd use'em...but that need not hold you back. Lotta "foraging"/ ingenuity can be fruitful. Creativity and new ideas is what this place is all about...You'd be surprised how many you can whip outa regular corks in different shapes and sizes while you're waiting for UPS...Just sayin give it a try...Later DL
  4. Not sure what's goin on...I just see red Xs til I click on "add reply",then the pics apppear... Great pics. Looks like a great fishin buddy you've got there! Love those browns. Yet to get brookie there; site fished for couple once couldn't get a take. Never caught a cutthroat there but did on the White. I love that place. Made 2 trips there...Been 3 years trying to get my vacation to coincide with generation/ avoid the flooding. It's been tough with the flooding last 2 years and my job scheduel... Went to JFK week before Memorial Day this year and they opened the dam; messed up wading. Guess I need to rig for drift fishing on one genereator or sumthin. Can't get the wifey in a boat and we're over 60...We couldn't wait on the dam guys so we drove to Spring River for the third time in 3 years. Maybe I can swing another trip in the fall. Managed a couple of nice browns outa the Spring too...I think you viewed the post. Arkie's got some great trouting for sure! http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=52617 Later DL
  5. Mostly outa boat down here in M'sipi so big box... :thumbsup:
  6. Here's a place for some ideas... I have no affiliation or anything with these guys but they got big brown fly fishing down!!!!! Just ran across this oneday... http://www.taneycomotrout.com/fliesforsale.html
  7. Let's summarize... When I first saw Stipplepop's legs tied underneath I thought what an ingenious way to do it. That's waht's so great about this place ...it's a wealth of great ideas all the time; many times just small things...nevertheless... So, since you can replace old legs thru the cork you could very easily start your thread behind your body ahead of your hackles and replace bad rubbers the Stipple way also. You might have to disconnect your weed guards from the eye but could refasten, maybe... Lotta people put their rubber legs thru deer hair bugs using the needle lastly also. And therefore could be replaced later if need be too....Remembering weed guards and legs in the hair trimming process can be problem....ain't gonna change... I'm glad we got this strait. Thanks Fellas! :yahoo: Later DL Oh, tying rubber legs is a function of thread tension, background, and positioning...pretty much like erything else... :wallbash:
  8. Here's a tuttorial I posted way back for the beginners. You'd be surprised how well you can make poppers without access to fly shops/ all the mat'ls; from making your own bodies to making your own hump shanks from bass hooks...Improvisation makes the world go round. And function way out weighs appearance...My $.02...cork is stronger than balsa, but the balsa come a'ready shaped... Sorry the pics are small... http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...popper+tutorial http://www.myfishingpictures.com/data/500/...endingglued.jpg Don't forget weed guards... http://www.myfishingpictures.com/data/500/...m/bugguard2.jpg Later DL
  9. Seems more like thread tension/positioning as stated...like ereything else... For cork poppers use the traditional way with big needle and pliers. Tying them in last lilke Stipplepop... is possibly a better way for some. Doesn't put holes in the cork but doesn't get'em out front either. Trick is gotta use needle w/ big enough eye and small enough to not make such a big hole. I use the rubber legs that come stuck to gether in sheets (for bass jigs) and use at least 2,3 and sometimes seperate'em after pullin'em thru. But on big bugs you want stout legs so keep them doubled/tripled....$.02 Later DL
  10. Just got back from Mammoth/Spring River, Arkansas. The water's little cloudy, prolly helped not to spook fish....Lotta rainbows on brite stuff...Missed a couple of hoss rainbows. 18" Next day same run, 20" Found a wad of stockers in a flat run near the surface and caught bunch on a dry fly. They thought the Humpy was hatchery pellets, I guess. Anyway it was a blast for quite awhile... The browns liked my sculpins and cdads...the bigger bows too... Released'em all and thanks Arkie Land for a great trout experiience that close to South M'sipi...Later DL
  11. Here's some I call stone/dragons...biots,d-rib,dubbing, turkey back wrap, and melted mono eyes. Guess you could green'em or brown'em.. Later DL
  12. Broke out the deer hair/rooster necks for a change....
  13. Side comment.... I had to compact my boxes cuz my vest wasn't big enough for all the boxes... Putting them in the back pouches will get'em with me but not accessable unless go to the bank and disrobe... i can understand dry fly days, midge days, streamer days, etc. but I hate to not have the full choice. So, do you customize a daily box from your montage or what? Later DL
  14. Here's some patterned after an article in FTMag...With d-rib, pheasant claws, deer hair, mono eyes. Along with some snails, dragon fly, sculpins, boogers, and a helgramite...
  15. I use lead wire under both but great point they need to "act" like cdads rather than mimic the profile. "Bigdaddy" has got a great idea with the knot in the rubber legs; kinda a quick way to get antenna and eye effect at the same time... :thumbsup: Later DL
  16. Thanks for the heads up...I am pulling my hair out trying to make this work with beads.. :frusty:
  17. Great idea, Dave. Are you covering the beads with a skin folded forward and then attaching the lower dubbing with the ribbing as you wrap it forwards between the beads, lastly? It appears that smaller beads are used at the start and finish, correct? I.e. 2 size beads? Anyway, I like using glass beads alot lately. Gonna try your deal with some of those maybe. Wouldn't be so heavey, costly, and there's lotta different colors in the glass beads, if a clear back could be used. Thanks for the idea. Work in progress... Man this is sumthin! I'm down here in Dixie talkin to a dude in England on some inovative tying stuff. Gotta love this place! :headbang: :thumbup: Later DL
  18. Noticed lotta newbies lately. I recommend starters to get a reputable kit rather than try to start from scratch. At least maybe get a tool kit if certain flies/mat'l are only wanted. Noticed some kits from J. Stockard...Umpqua, Tiemco, Wapsi, etc. stuff. http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/category/86000 Wapsi has long been a favorite recommendation of mine. Are there others? And some arguments for not going the kit route?... Thanks, later DL
  19. Given up on weaving flies anymore. Use skin, plastic bags, feather quills folded over now for the 2 tone. Lots easier with these old fingers than trying to keep from loosing the weave 'bout halfway through.... :frusty: Later DL
  20. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...l=tanning+hides
  21. Heard some of the tailwater guys talking about high, cloudy water and tying some bright stuff. Candy And there was talk about an effective nymph with a bright collar or as I used a colored bead, too. Got an idea for some beads and legs...legs off some bass jigs and some glass beads from craft shop. Tried a few snails after discovering the bow bellies full of them from the Spring River, Ark. Had some luck with a look alike craw pattern from FT Mag. They worked great on the drift but didn't jerk as well so I came up with a "act like" cdad. Later DL
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