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  1. It is all white. Only colors I've found are white and brown. There's a myriad of sharpie colors and add crystal flash, etc. I like to use the non-select fur to build up heads rather than deer hair or wool lately...I take the brown and make a dubbing brush outa it and wrap it around the lead eyes on sculpins, then highlite it. One I mixed the brown,white when I made the brush for a mottled look...Later DL
  2. Lead wire, crystal chennile, craft fur, eyes, 5 min epoxy, sharpie...Later DL
  3. +1 on the instant Krazy Glue brush on $2.50 at da dollar store...always ready use it in da boat handy for securing knots, etc.
  4. Very interesting...w/mono loops for and aft...Pic from "Duramax" on the MSDuck page... http://www.azflyandtie.com/flyforum/showthread.php?t=9797
  5. Very interesting...Pic from "Duramax" on the MSDuck page... http://www.azflyandtie.com/flyforum/showthread.php?t=9797
  6. Might wanta do a search or... http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=47766&hl=tanning+hides
  7. Got the bodies from BassPro shop...Their hump back hooks were way to long for this size so I managed to have/make #6 Gamakatsu 50410/ drop shot hooks to work. Had to spear with bodkin and push the eye of the hook thru from the rear and Krazy glued'em rather than split'em. Had to open the bite of the hooks a bit w/pliers. Wish the lil bodies were flat on bottom but OK...Not having to paint is a big plus! But only colors were lite green and yellow...Later DL
  8. Never considered the foam b/c it's so soft, but when the right color d-rib is unavailable....walla! Later DL
  9. Tried some of the lil bodies...Kinda like no painting...Unless spots and glitter Later DL
  10. I've tried to get Michaels and Hobby Lobby to get Clear Cure Goo but no luck yet...I found the glass beads and use some, more for buggyness than for weight (put wire underbody anyway). My problem is the nearest fly stuff is hour&half away at Bass Pro...Later DL Before I found d-rib I was spliting the glitter strips used for kids bracelets or sumthin or another... Craft fur, cork for poppers, marabou...
  11. That's what I like!!!!! Great traditional look...but some jazzy colors too!
  12. Lotta hellgramite patterns out there. The ones w/biots like yours look best to me. Problem is awfully tedious tying each biot on. May just be me...That's why there's only 1 in this "meaty box"...cdads, sculpins, peacock boogers, dragon/stones, snails, and lone hellgramite. I think they are an important food source anytime of year and would like to have had more, but...Later DL
  13. My buddy ate a hungarian partrige skin I left out once. He was standing there smiling with couple of feathers on his face. The Boraxo didn't phase'm...Later DL
  14. Mine are the "traditional" with maybe some flash, rubber legs added...Later DL
  15. Nice poppers...Some of youse guys have gottne "spots" down to an art! Remember this post? Glitter'em anytime....Later DL http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=60753&st=0&p=473050&hl=+glitter%20+fingernail%20+polish%20+&fromsearch=1entry473050
  16. Nice craw...when I click on the link it goes back to the index page....But I found it on the web page...Thanks...Later DL
  17. There's a couple of these floating around...some new/used stuff...found some lil corks and glued'em to the back board...Sorry 'bout the crappy pic though...
  18. First thing I tie on at the hook bend is a piece of 25# mono about 6" long bent/kinked in the middle so that each side sticks down and out making sure they are fastened on each side of the hook. After tails, hackle and before the rubber legs I start the thread on the eye and bring each guard up along side the hook at the eye one at a time and pull till I get the right bend and separation going back. You gotta have'em stout enough to work but not too hard you'll miss strikes. Ain't 'nuff room thru the eye on these. If the hook eyes are big enough go thru the eye and lash down top and bottom the; sniped ends will be facing the bug body rather than alongside pointing up... Single ones on poppers are a joke to me...hit and miss, mostly hit the snag. The pic from bottom shows laid beside; pic from front you might can see the 2 ends where they were snipped off. Just use head cement but sometimes I'll go back and paint over them with the color of the bug. Never had a problem with'em pullin out...BTW, I like white faces on my bugs to see'em better. Close up with my macro shots shows some rough edges thus for fishin not for showcasing... 'Nother tip you'll cast/pick your bugs outa the water better/ easier(so they don't roll over and dig/ dive in)if you doin't cut your hooks deeply into the body. Notice mine (Wapsi's) are 'bout even with the bottom of the body...Some might wanta bury the hooks deeply into the dody on purpose to make a different popping sound but rough on the shoulder in my case. Kinda necessitates using humpshank hooks though, I'd say...Later DL
  19. Don't see anyone else doing it to their poppers. If your epoxing them you could use powdered flakes. I found glitter fingernail polish in a discount sale...I need some red...The sparkle adds lots to the effect, I think...Later DL
  20. 5/0 poppers...Look at the top row of bugs in this shadow box...I think they were 3/0 hooks. They've never been used, maybe a couple. After rotary cup shoulder surgery I gave up hurling this size all day on our lakes. Ain't goin any bigger than a 9wt; ain't making any more bigger bugs either...Unless somebody takes me site fishing for tarpon. That'll have to be limited cast too, prolly with a 12wt...BTW, some of these bugs have gotta lotta credentials especially the deer hairs, and there's a couple of 3/0 in those too...Later DL
  21. I pulled some of my older cork poppers with my "bendable hooks" and they are 2/0 and bigger for the comparable Wapsi bodies to my corks...The deal was this was the only bodies and hook selection available at the Cabelas that day...Think they had a small bream size body w/hooks to match...Oh well... I can't find/remember where I got those hooks with the large eyes. I really like those...Must be some kinda trot line hook I found that would bend or sumthin. Anyway, foraging for stuff is the deal. I coulda bought the hump shanks at bassPro which is an 1.5 hours away but they were way too long for me... Here's my benadable hook pic...BTW most hooks will break rather than bend tryin to "hump'em" This is one big bug!! Nuttin like getting hit in the head with big cork and half a chicken... Goes back to the beginning...We tie cuz we can make what we want!!!!!!!! My experience with epoxy is (I like to epoxy Bagley little life like bream crank baits cuz they are balsa and kinda fragile) after a while they start to turn yellow badly...The glitter fingernail polish helps some especially on the edges where they bang the most. My bud said why worry these baits and bugs are "consumable"....Ha Ha, you got dat right!!!! Later DL
  22. Wapsi #2 styrofoam w/ #2 Mustad CK52S humpshank 2X hooks. Cabelas...first time there, Gonzales, La. ...Only other place for tieflying stuff near me is Basspro Pearl, Ms. I like to see what I'm getting...Eyeballed a "supreme hair shrimp" there w/epoxy head and worked up my version. Lots easier for me to figure out patterns that catch my eye than from recipies/mat'l lists...Gonna try'em on some specks and reds on the Coast down here... http://images.cabelas.com/is/image/cabelas/s7_319349_999_02?rgn=0,0,1260,1260&scl=5.7272727272727275&fmt=jpeg&id=1S-7OdgeXGJf6wI6cSMvxT First time for the ready made bodies for me. Kinda like I cheated by not cutting and shaping corks. Hope these last as well as corks do..I ain't thrilled about these hooks either. The Lazer Sharp worm hooks I've beeen using are bendable and seem better cuz setting big hooks on big fish is a problem with fly gear. The pack said "chemically sharpened needle point"...OK... Anyway, took lots less time this way and only need credentials from "ole bucketmouth"...Later DL
  23. Finished set of poppers... Coated'em all with glitter fingernail polish...Later DL
  24. I always use the hot "neon" series of Testors...First time w/ Wapsi styro foam bodies...Hope the paint will not chip and they hold up well. Ain't thrilled about having to drill holes for the rubber legs...Could not get the needle w/pliers like it is so easy to do with the cork bodies...Smallest drill bit was 1/16; is prolly my problem...Just ain't right for me to tie the legs back in the hackle...Anyway..HOT COLORS...Work in progress. Later DL
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