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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! BTW, where do you get the Impeyan crests?
  2. I use a technique similar to the one that Bud described. I use a small pair of round-ended jeweler's pliers to flatten/crush the rachis below my tie-in point (away from the point of the feather)--length-wise, maybe one or two turns of tie in thread, so that I can bind it down smoothly. For me, this works better than nicking the feather.
  3. The Deja Views burnisher I mentioned earlier (that I picked up from Michael's) is available through www.cthruruler.com.
  4. Try your local craft store or an artists supply store that sells transfer lettering. Michael's (my local craft store) has moderately hard plastic burnishers for about $3 per two pack. Mike
  5. Beautiful, simply beautiful! Everything is simply stunning--the bodywork, the wing, the cascade of the topping, the alignment of the barring of the underwing tippets and tail veiling. And the head (or lack thereof)! Great dressing!
  6. Sweet dressing! Good blue hackle, nice wing curve, and small head with herl. I'd say you did it justice.
  7. Great fly. Love the lines of it and the colour combination. Floss work is fantastic as well.
  8. Great fly. Love the light green veilings and the arch of the toppings.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous ... floss work, toppings, ribbing ... all spot on!
  10. Nice fly. What's the blue dubbing that you used for the fore half of the body?
  11. Nice Jock. Great body taper and floss work.
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