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  1. Found it ! I think its Etha-wing "plain web" from Montana Fly Co http://www.flytyingspecialties.com/product...products_id=311
  2. Can anyone help me identify the wing material on this rubber legged stimulator (see attached pic). It has a hard shell w/ cross hatching on one side attached to a layer a foam. Appears to be about 1mm thick or less. Thanks,
  3. I highly reccomend the Giraffe Light. I picked up a used one on ebay and its fantastic. Giraffe Light
  4. I'm using the Peak Rotary vise for most patterns - love it. I do have a RENZETTI Traveler with the clouser arm that I use for streamers.
  5. Teioneon, Nice fish, I'm always trying to fing better ways to catch crappie here in KS. What is the body - ice chenille ?
  6. I would like to thank everyone for all the helpful suggestions. I will work with these ideas and report back -hopefully with a good pic of a very full-bodied lil bugger. Thanks again,
  7. Here is a link to tying small buggers that I found helpful - but size 16 is about as small as I've tried. baby buggers I look forward to seeing your nano bugger.
  8. I'm working on a fly thay requires very high quality ostrich herl (long barbs) Does anyone have a good source for this material? Also, is there some trick to tying herl to get a very thick bodied fly. For example, here is a pick of Jim Andrix's lil'bugger. Mad River Thanks, Micromet
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