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  1. Wow, those videos look amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  2. After 2 failed attempts, this is my first "decent" matuka. Tell me what you think
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the support . Yeah, hair is not easy... I actually had a better humpy, that one turned out pretty bad : ) , I'll post pictures of my progress. I really like it here, you guys give really good advice. Sometimes I feel frustrated on my tying though... some ppl is reaaaally good.
  4. I present you some of my flies ... I am quite a noob, I'm really trying , but can't seem to get what I really want .
  5. I would love to see a swap too , I am international but willing to pay extra
  6. That one looks really nice , there's one that we use a lot in Chile called "Saint Dragon" I think I will make a tutorial about it , it's an amazing search pattern for still waters. Maybe I could do a tutorial of how to tie it, it's really easy and it's an awesome fly. I would love to see other people flies.
  7. Hi guys, I have been cracking my head :wallbash: hard for a week or so trying to find some good (effective) damsel and dragon nymph patterns with tying instructions or something to fish still waters for Rainbows . Could you guys post your favorites with some recipes / pictures ? I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!!
  8. Hey man ! that's great fish!!!! Congrats! I am starting on fly fishing and I am 21 , it's great you started early
  9. Nice fly! , I have seen those in size #18 !! :dunno:
  10. Hi guys! holy, I haven't been around lately so I didn't read all this suggestions until now! Well i have been working on the streamer, the thing is that it needed a lot more weight for the places I will be fishing. ( the fish are located like 3 meters to 6 or sometimes more meters deep ). So I did a similar streamer, with more weight in the eyes, in a number 4 hook. I think it could work. I will try to make more and follow your suggestions because they are great . Anyways , here's what I have been tying lately: The previous streamer but weighted eyes in #4 hook: The same idea of the previous streamer but chain eyes in #6 hook with some flashabou: A pheasant tail, not for this trip... lol Some midges in #14 hooks, not for this trip.... Well I have been tying for a month or so, so please don't be harsh
  11. Hi carlos , I am 21 and I am from Chile! , I travel to argentina Buenos Aires a lot! , ( my girl friend if from buenos aires and I visit her like once a month ) . You live in a very nice country , specially for fishing . I am just starting to tie , but this forum is great, and has helped a lot, I am pretty sure it will help you too! -Nico PD: Si vienes a chile , avĂ­same y vamos a pescar!
  12. I did a couple of variations/updates to this pattern that I will post tonight. One is a #4 with cone style eyes to give the fly a lot of depth. Since I will fish this streamer on a lake, like 6 or even 8 meters down recovering from there. (not from shore, from a boat ), I need the thing to sink fast. The other variations have a thinner body, I will have to think about adding a bit of marabou over the peacock in the back, it's a good idea . Is it too hard to cast something like that with a #5 rod and a SA streamer express line ?? fast action rod.
  13. Those flies look stunning! , really nice work! thanks for sharing it
  14. hi guys, I created this streamer to catch a fish called "Pejerrey" here in South America. The thing about this fish is that it bites the fly from behind , so long tail streamers, zonkers, etc, don't work well. The streamers must be very flashy in order to catch the fish attention. Do you have any ideas to improve it ? THanks! PS: I am just starting to tie ... so It's not very nice, I know
  15. @Where and what time of year will you be using them Nicolas? Well I want to use them in small rivers and in some medium sized rivers. Mainly on summer.
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