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  1. so true. I have been only tying for six months now and am in the midst of my first season fishing with flies I have tied. I am a warmwater fisher and have caught all the major species of my home waters on the same fly. lately I have been asking myself if I really need to have 30 different patterns. I know I will continue to tie many different patterns, because I enjoy it. I just won't fish them all
  2. ditto redwings1 that is exactly how i am doing it. and as i continue to add patterns i have fewer 'mandatory' materials i have to buy........which leaves room to buy materials 'i dont need' :yahoo:
  3. wow. this morning here around 2:30am the moon was an absolute deep blood red color. not sure what the atmospheric conditions have to be to cause this bit it was pretty cool. no pic. was on the road coming home from work and didnt have camera. :-(
  4. those are some very nice flies
  5. slow here also. I thought it was just because I was here at peak times, but I guess not.
  6. sweet when can i move in?
  7. silly me, i thought it was the Pillsbury Doughboy eating marshmallows.
  8. Mike George does amazing work. a link for those that may want to see some more of his stuff. http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/corner.asp?page=6
  9. i have been doing well with this one...Dahlberg Flashdancer tied in colors to mimic sunfish colors
  10. have them watch videos by Al Beatty that are in The Begginers Corner and let them tie up some of those.
  11. checking to see if I can upload pic right from phone
  12. I am pretty sure it was within the last year, a college student died in a hazing incident in which he/she was forced to drink massive quantities of water. the case was prosecuted.
  13. Chemprof that's exactly wht I was taking those classes. did ten years as a golf course superintendent. cool story.
  15. nice one..now go out and catch A Fish Called Wanda
  16. i think a store environment is more a reflection of the owner/staff than the brand name it is affiliated with. i say this because the nearest store to me is an Orvis store and i go there every saturday and hang out for at least an hour and chat for last 3 months since i started tying my own. Clothing is downstairs and fishing/tying supplies upstairs. The owner and staff are avid flyfising people. i suppose if they werent, it would be more about the clothes, but fortunatley for me they are. i learn alot from them. long story shortrened: A few weeks ago i wanted a 9wt. and it was topic of conversation between me and staff member. the rod they had in stock was out of my price range so we flipped through the catalog and i decided on the next step down and they were going to order it for me. the owner was downstairs and heard the conversation. He came upstairs, said "youve been here every saturday for last couple months and have been a good customer. i'll take $150 off the rod on the rack" i did not turn away his generosity.i was more than greatful and my hands were shaking a bit i was so excited. They have also recommended another fly shop for me to go stop by because they have "alot of neat stuff" for me to check out. A big thank you to Panorama Outfitters where the people make my experince enjoyable and not the name on the door
  17. in the top right corner of the page there are a couple of flags..click on the UK flag for english version
  18. Thank you. Of the major pitfalls to someone new to this craft i think i have finally gotten past crowding the eye of the hook and too many thread wraps, however i do still have to work on the amount of material i use. i am going to tie one up in a few following your suggestion. gotta do my taxes first. been kind of in a pickle. i have been tying for 3 and a half months but have yet to actually get any of my flies wet. that all comes to an end this weekend though since i am opening the cottage friday. Will probably spend every free moment on the end of the dock casting my flies to see how they swim. doubt i'll catch anything cuz the water is still way cold, but at least i'll be able to see where i stand. Troutbum you need to come up further north than N.C. so i can get some "over the shoulder" time.
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Twofingerz: Twos' Sparkle Minnow
  20. neccesity is the mother of invention i wanted to get close to another pattern but didnt have what it needed. and in the processi just came up with this method by mistake.
  21. first time I ever saw a bowfin iwas snokeling. I must have gotten to near nest cuz the thing came after me. scared the hell out of me. I didn't know what it was. I had to go look it up. it was all kinds of cool neon colors, big, and mean looking. I got outta there quick. it definatly was not afraid of me and I was in no mood to get bit.
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