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  1. very nice love it. Can`t wait to see more
  2. Tied this one last week. Very happy with it. But the Mallard craked
  3. Very nice fly. Like your wings. very good :bugeyes:
  4. The Lion is a pattern I found on the Mustad Scandinavian Open. It was the main pattern for last years competition. If it is a classic or not, I`m not sure. But I like it.
  5. Happy with this one. One of my first Dee flies.
  6. Blue hackel instead of natural colour. Pissed the roof to God knows where :crying: Head looks like S**T :crying: But probably my best fly yet.
  7. Critics? What can I do to improve, and what is good...
  8. Always use the largest settings. For all photos that you want to enlarge. You can also ajust at little with good graphic programs like Photoshop. use: L 2592x1944 and super fine.
  9. Think this page will help too. http://www.flyfishingjournal.com/archives/fa199903_2.htm Here is Mackintosh version, Francis version and a kelson version. Scroll down and you will find it.
  10. carli

    Seal Fur

    Seal wool dubbing can also be bought from [email protected] www.flytying.dk
  11. found this photo. Not sure if it is correct http://www.salmonflies.com/traditionals/pages/blackdog.htm
  12. Amazing fly, loks like a true retro classic
  13. Here is my second try on Green Highlander. Any coments or critics on what I can improve? Missing some materials and had problems with the bronze mallard roof.
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