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  1. i tied them on a size 12 nymph hook, you can tie them smaller or larger, or leave more or less length of marabou for the tail
  2. This is a pattern I came up with last year while trying to tie a damselfly pattern off FAOL. Since I couldn't tie it exactly to save my life, I added a beadhead instead. I used lead wire as well to weight it, the tail and body is marabou, and the rib is vinyl rib (used to keep the marabou from unravelling). I tied this on a size 12 nymph hook, you can leave the tail as long or short as you want, and any natural colour will work (and will mimic all sorts of stuff), the pumpkinseeds wouldn't leave these flies alone (I had around 100 fish on one fly, it was still fishable but I had tied a new batch so I replaced it)
  3. I can't see why mr.largemouth wouldn't pass it up :thumbsup:
  4. Brook trout, they are somewhat rare around here, I have only caught them out in Nova Scotia, so it makes them even more pursuitable here. Can't wait until brookie opener next spring
  5. the bass will hit that for sure, no matter how "ugly" it looks
  6. i know that all around sydney its saltwater, although there are streams in sydney (havent fished them though). From lookin at google maps, theres Blacketts Lake, the source of the Sydney River, which i know there are Rainbow Trout in there, which are by Highway 4. There are also a ton of lakes in around the Sydney area, although they may not be very accessable.
  7. awesome looking hopper that should definately get trout
  8. thats got pike and muskie written all over that
  9. good all around pattern, trout, panfish, and bass will all grab that
  10. went fishing yesterday,had a couple pumpkinseed nip at it,i had a rock bass grab it repeatedly,so im sure a brookie would too
  11. looks good,should fool the pike and largies
  12. that should easily slay the bass and panfish,nice job
  13. sorry for the pic,im still getting used to the macro feature,hopefully these ones are better: http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q60/pan...teen/fly002.jpg http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q60/pan...en/fly001-1.jpg
  14. thats a cool little pattern there
  15. I tied this fly up to immitate either a helgrammite or a nymph,my friend said it looked like a stonefly,what do you guys think? http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q60/pan...teen/fly003.jpg Legs are black rubber,the tail and antennae are peacock herl,and I used vinyl rib to cover and protect the thread (thread used for body color).
  16. nice looking flies,great job those should slay the trout no prob
  17. looks like a good fly to use,nice tie
  18. yea,as long as thats a simple pattern im sure it wouldnt phase you if you lost a couple to the lake,good crayfish
  19. thats a good looking fly,im sure bass would nail that
  20. well,when i was fishing out in Nova Scotia on the Shudenacadie canal,i caught all of my fish on nightcrawlers drifted weightlessly,so im guessing a larger san juan worm would work great.I did have one or two strike at a hopper as well,so hoppers wouldnt help
  21. i use marabou,has good movement thats my two cents
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