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  1. Let me just say that Northern Ireland was the most enjoyable experiences of my entire life!!! The people, the towns, the Guinness...... -And even the fishing was wonderful. I've heard before leaving that fly fishing began in the 'free state' of Ireland. It was quite the experience to cast away so near the beginning of a worldwide addiction. The fish acted VERY differently from how they would here in Oregon but once I found a suitable pattern they were EVERYWHERE. The most beautiful brook trout I have ever seen. I'll post pictures later. The fishing laws were very different as well I found. You're to have not only a rod license, but permit for the duration of your fishing as well. Also, there a very few places I would call public land so often you would have to obtain paid permission from a land owner. -All of these rules I believe has lead to man made fishing ponds that you can pay to be a member of or a day pass is available. -If you were to see these 'golf course like' ponds you'd probably bow your head in shame too. Very unnatural but then again, some people go camping in RV's. So my wife and I are back in the US but to my surprise, I find myself a wee bit home-sick from my time in Northern Ireland. So I'll post a few pictures soon but right now I have some fishing to do back on the Clackamas River.
  2. chain??? I see no chain. So here we are in Northern Ireland, the bacon here kicks the crap out of that stuff back home. Americans have the whole bacon thing backwards. no fishing yet but soon we'll be searching for trout.
  3. Actually Dustin, I just like the shells to go straight up in the air and come down like rain.
  4. About that photo... I'd hate to have to post some in retaliation... :whistle: I'm your huckleberry.
  5. Yep, I'll claim her as my wife. I don't want any of 'THOSE' pictures posted of me here so the truth is now out. The pretty blue eyes are my wifes and therefore mine. She's excellent at fly tying, best shot in the west with any gun, beautiful, smart, don't post the picture!, loves the outdoors as much as me, sometimes prefers the dog over me, wears a Guinness shirt, is an incredible artist, don't post the picture!, can run any power tool in the world, welds, can't start the chainsaw but tries, don't post the picture!, enjoys demolition, blowing things up, has a sexy accent, buys me most of my fly tying materials :thumbsup: , has great taste in movies, not always so great in music :thumbsdown: , but sings beautifully and all of the time, hick-ups in short squeeks (very cute), mixes 'makers mark' into a night of beer drinking, also manages to stay balanced in four inch heels while being cut off from the pub making for a 6'4" swaying tower of wondeful, don't post the picture!, Etc, etc, etc..... Basically she's more important than any forum/ person/ place/ or thing to me and I love her dearly :hypocrite: . (don't post the picture) So fear not, forum, she's only here to make trouble and be her adorable self. Come out of hiding, bring the beer upstairs again, put down the guns if you don't want to be picked off by my wife and her .454 :gun_bandana: , I trust she won't endanger the forum more than photoshop has in the past.
  6. Can't help with the topping but I will say that I like this one better. I've had that same problem too so if anyone has any ideas, however obvious the probably are, I'd like to know too.
  7. What the hell? I've never seen a fly like this in my life and I am glad I'm not skilled enough to attempt it myself. It looks like it was a bugger of a fly to tie! I wonder if the guy who posted his questions about eye strain was tying one of these? wow....
  8. what's up now?!?! An angry day without a catch...
  9. lighting is extremely important to your eyes. I wonder though if you're having head aches it might be a bit more involved. I would have you vision checked if your lighing and back drop choices don't improve anything. I read a bit about eye strain when I first started tying and found useful information from hospital websites. Green and blue seem to be the most relaxing to your focus. I decided to make my table more of an experiment than a final tying table. I quickly found that I needed many more drawers and cabinet space but the green stain I applied has been perfect with a 60 watt tungsten corrected artist lamp. This was the table when I finished making it. My camera has since broke but now there are boxes of feathers everywhere. The green really has helped with those 5 hour tying marathons:
  10. I'd say that worked very well all things considered. I'm as surprised as you.
  11. Well that will teach me... I turned my head from this post for two days and already I have found enough ways to find locals that I bet I could get help with a flat tire just about anywhere so long as I bring a banjo. Thanks for the greeting Fred. And Hot Tuna, when I lived in Southbury we regarded the Housatonic as the most poluted river in Connecticut, has it improved? Well all, I have about all the advice I need on this topic and thanks for the input. I should have posted my introduction in 'the lodge', the results where VERY different. I'll unfortunately be missing the event in Albany since I'll be over seas but will look into the next one for sure. ryan
  12. So did your man catch anything with all of those fish running wild???
  13. Ernie, Thanks for contacting Canon Canada. I do think that I should send an email with this link included. So far 138 people are reading this and at some point they'll all be in the market for a product Canon is trying to sell. Good products have to be backed up with more than just cutting edge options. Thanks for your time in this and I hope your lense shopping is getting into these details as well as optical quality.
  14. Well my tolerance only went so far. I'm sending the same letter to Canon as I am to the better business bureau and anyone else I can think of. I know that Canon won't be able to offer me what I want which is a fixed or functioning camera, or even acknowledgement that the camera didn't live up to the grade consumer reports gave it. -I wonder if consumer reports has done any research on customer support, I believe that counts for more than the value of the product. I also realise that all of the factors in the life of digital technology pose for this to happen eventually but I take great care of my belongings and this camera must have had a design flaw. -Also, this camera's shutter was sticking since the first day I got it and when I went online then to see what other compaints there were, all owners of this model had to say was the same thing, "great camera, lousy shutter". So who else should get a letter? -I've got time to spare to make this right.
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