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  1. good hook! also the Dai Riki #075 wet fly hook- is very similar and at a nice price- usually 5.95 for 50. , clarkii.
  2. oh yeah- one handsome caddis! , clarkii.
  3. i don't label a lot. but- i keep like materials together and seperate from unlike materials- w/ drawers/containers - much like redquill for example.
  4. i've been using straight eye hooks (dai riki 125)- on some dry parachutes/emerger type flies and larger dries like stimulators (tmc 2312)- not sure it makes much difference on the water- but, i like the finished look better. most of my other dries have down eye hooks... cheers, clarkii.
  5. interesting- i was just watching his videos last night on youtube for the first time- i subscribed- and i have never subscribed to anything on youtube before- he is talented at the vise indeed!
  6. a very intersting fly- be sure to report after you've had a chance to fish it! , R clarkii.
  7. agn54- you are looking at two good vises- period. and i believe you would be happy w/ either... i'm in the HMH camp- i have the standard- previously i had the spartan. the best way i can describe the HMH vises would be- solid, simple, functional. perfect for my tastes and i can't imagine much of anything a person couldn't tie on them... cheers, Ryan.
  8. GREAT!! - keep the stoke! :headbang:
  9. get the book NJFlyMAn suggested- Essential Trout Flies- by Dave Hughes- very good place to start! begin tyin' flies as shown in the book-and buyin' materials as needed... really the best way to get started is jump in w/ both feet! another book that looks like it would be great is Leeson/Schollmeyer's- Benchside Introduction To Fly Tying. , clarkii.
  10. RFF- if i may- for $180. you could have what i feel would be a really good starter kit- w/ solid tools. (worth the little extra to start off happy!) w/ the tool kit from Doctor Slick that others have suggested along w/ a SX- HMH vise- and you can switch out jaws later as needed... http://www.hmhvises.com/sx.htm you could stop w/ the :wallbash: and you would be set to move on to the next mind bender- materials! :devil: hehehe...................... hurry up and get your stuff! we're all waiting- clarkii.
  11. yeah NPR often. having something to listen to while tyin' is critical for me! if i have a lot of tying to do- i usually go with something faster- w/ lots of energy- like Bad Religion, Swinging Utters, ACDC, etc... if i'm just chillin' and stockin' flies away- maybe something mellow- like Sam Beam- 'Iron and Wine', Neil Halstead, etc... and like BDH said- NPR. tyin' to music- great therapy! clarkii.
  12. no doubt! i'd love to have a dark barred ginger! for now- Dun, Grizzly, Ginger, Light ginger... , Clarkii.
  13. thanks for sharing Kirk! i'm really wanting to get some poppers on the vise this year- and this kinda stuff is great! , Clarkii.
  14. i've tried to have a specific- well drawn out- tying game plan for years past- but- my life gets so busy w/ family and work- it can get frustrating when i don't have time... so- i guess- my plan will be realistic- attempt to get tyin' done as needed ahead of seasons/hatches- so i am at least ready when i hit the water- maybe more hair spinnin', streamers, poppers this year... clarkii,
  15. oh- you are gunna have FUN!
  16. i think i remember the owner of a local fly shop telling me the price increase seen in all whiting materials was because of fuel/feed costs be passed on... they sure do make sizable jumps in hackle pricing for whatever reason. clarkii.
  17. an architects light for the backside of my bench- much needed! some tyin' stuff- including hooks, hackle, etc... and a Tomelleri calendar. happywidat! .
  18. clarkii


    i'm looking forward to getting a copy of Arlen's book- considering his knowledge of aquatic entomology and photography skills- it is sure to be good- and he's a damn nice feller!
  19. i get over there every now and then...
  20. i like all the troutz! but- as my 'forum handle' suggests- the cutthroat is tops for me! though- if i were Old Hat on the other side... those bows are something to experience. . clarkii.
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