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  1. Thanks for all the response on my first post. I've been tying two flies today, The Baron and Popham, I had a day off of my work because tomorrow I'm going to work in Italy for the next three weeks (on an oil refinery) so I've done some nice work on my day off. All the best, greetings Andy.
  2. Hello Everyone, Hereby I would like to introduce myself on this forum, after having read all the messages for about 6 six months I think it is time for me to also put some words here. I've had a lot of positive emails from some members of this forum about the flies I've been selling on Ebay (it is certainly not my intention to use this beautiful forum for commercial deals). Now somethings about myself; my name is Andy Boekholt (37 Y) from Holland and I live with my wife and two daughters in a village close to Rotterdam. My greatest passion is fly tying / fly fishing (75%/25%). When I go fishing, I go to Norway and catch grayling (harr) and trout in my favorite river Glomma, Rena or the Atna. Sometimes I go fishing in Denmark and my favorite river there is Grindstad or Konga and I also like to go sea trout fishing around Funen. I would like to thank you all for all the information and the many positive emails I've had from you. Hereby I will try to send a picture of a fly that I've made last night (The Nickolson 6/0). Greetings everybody from Andy.
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