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  1. I always fish barbless and usually crimp with my hemo's on the water. I use a regal vise and am fearful that the force from this particular vice will break my hook. Never have had a prob with hooks breaking so I don't worry too much. Now if barbless were the same price, I definately would buy 'em. The next question is (and keep in mind I know nothing about the hook manufacturing process), why are barbless more expensive? Seems to me they should be cheaper or at least the same with one less manufacturing step.
  2. I have a couple C&F's (they were gifts). Very spendy, but, VERY nice. That slotted foam is awesome especially for tiny flies. For when I don't want to take a huge box of flies, I use an altoids tin that I stick some craft foam in. Just cut it to fit and use a little 5 minute epoxy to stick it in there.
  3. Just add a bead! I like that pattern, nailed a huge 'bow on one. AP Nymph
  4. Another relative newb here chiming in... It's been mentioned (twice, I think!), but this site is an amazing resource... FAOL - Beginning Tying It takes some rooting around sometimes, but there is a ton of info there. Buy good tools/vice to start. Particularly scissors. Don't be a cheap a** (like me!!) and end up buying 2 or 3 pairs of lesser quality scissors before finally breaking down for the Dr. Slicks. A razor blade is a handy tool. Used vices can be had on the classifieds. Get one that rotates, even if it is not a true rotary. Makes it real nice to be able to see what is going on on the other side of your creation. Here's a handy link... Vices I'd stay away from the kits for reasons mentioned. Practice, practice, practice! Stick with a pattern until you get it wired, it's a great confidence builder to get one done and really be satisfied with the results. Good luck, it's a blast. Almost as fun as the fishing (some might say more!).
  5. Hey Dave, Thanks. Sent you PM. So what are the advantages to circle hooks? I seem to recall a debate about this on another board at one point, but don't really remember what the key points were/are.
  6. Still need a longer hook (and a steadier hand when taking a picture), but I think I got the 'flaring' taken care of...
  7. No sweat. My bro in law lives in Castle Rock. I'm trying to get out there we can hit the dream stream!
  8. On "Post-Its" with a bodkin.
  9. Try Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy in the same type of dispenser you show (I got mine a True Value for about 3 bucks). Like Mark said, just be sure to mix even amounts. You may have to press a little harder on one side or the other of the dispenser (I did) to be sure you have equal amounts before you start mixing. I do about 6 flies at a time.
  10. Good question. I can proficiently whip finish (Matarelli) but sometimes do a couple of half hitches on small flies where I want less thread near the eye. I figure with the head cement that it will be cool? BTW - This worked for me: Whip Finish
  11. Thanks. Redwings - I'm tying on TMC 800S hooks. Any other recommendations? beaver - So how do I keep the hair from flaring? Am I cinching the thread too tight? Or maybe too close behind the eyes...
  12. Since stainless hooks and eye balz are kind of expensive, I thought I'd look for for some feedback before going crazy with these. I'm told they should be tied sparse and short for the waters of Puget Sound.
  13. That's exactly what I did! Thanks Mark.
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