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  1. Nice tye!! And the dye job looks awsome!!
  2. Wow!! Very nice .. Looks like a great summer steelhead pattern.
  3. Jens, Great looking fly!! I agree with Speyman, I am going to give this one a try over Summer Steelhead..
  4. Another gorgeous fly!! Keep em coming!!
  5. Very nice!! I will have to take a couple out for a swim!
  6. Great looking fly !! I really like the laced feathers for the wing. I agree with all above that fly is going to swim!! Frank
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by 1morecast: Spring Candy
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by 1morecast: The Duhk
  9. Nice Little Fly!! Has summer runs written all over it!!
  10. Jens, That has summer steelhead written all over it!! Sweet patttern!!
  11. Very nice!! That has summer written all over it!
  12. Ray, another great fly!! Really like the color and movement in htis pattern. i am going to tye a couple and give them a swing.. Frank
  13. 1morecast


    Very nice!!! That wing is nice and LOWWWWW
  14. Micke, once again a great looking fly!! I am going to tye up this and a few of your other patterns to swing come summer.. Frank
  15. Once again a great job on the conversion!!! Keep em coming!! Frank
  16. Again thx to all for the nice comments. Mark and Ray I appreciate the feedback. Mark, you are right I was trying to follow the gospel- five turns of ribbing. I knew in my mind that six turns would have looked better on this pattern. Also I know that the second turn is not in line with the rest of the ribbing, didnot notice till it was to late.... Back to the vise.... Frank
  17. Thank you for the kind words... Ray, this is a pattern I designed myself.. Frank
  18. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by 1morecast: " El Rojo"
  19. Jeff, Just moved to P.A. 6 weeks ago, love it out here, and I don't miss the Montana winters! Ray, Thx for the complement. i have had success with the black/blue combo for steelhead. Here is the recipe; Hook; 7999 sz. 2/0. Thread : Blue Tag: Medium oval silver tinsel. Tail: A small clump of royal blue artic fox tail with 2 strands each of dark blue & black crystal flash on each side of the hook. (I like to split the tail, gives the tail a little more action in the water.) Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel. Body: 1/3 Kingfisher blue seal. 2/3 black seal. Hackle: Kingfisher blue saddle at the juction where the blue and black seal meet. Royal blue saddle palmered through black seal. Collar: Peacock breastfeather.. Wing: Dyed black GP feather. Head: Blue.
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