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  1. I just found this site last month and found some good tips here.


    I use a lot of X-acto #11 blad3s and use a pill container as a holder for used blades. I cut a slot in the top and super glued it on.


    No more worries about blades in the waste bin in you have to go looking in there for something.



  2. Sorry about mis-spelling thread!


    How important is the type of thread used in tying?


    I have two 4oz (1 black and 1 white) spools of #33 Nylon Bonded thread that I use when sewing kites. I know I will have to use sewing machine bobbins to hold the thread and can adjust my bobbin tool to hold them. Would this type of thread be ok for tying?



  3. Mark and luvinbluegills:


    Thanks for the reply. Now I finally have an use for those 2 old spinner baits that have been taking up space in my desk. Just pulled the skirts off of both and have enough legs to last for a while.


    Thanks again...Charlie

  4. I've had a fly rod (a beginners outfit) for about 5 years now and have yet to use it. Seems like something (work) always got it the way. Now that I'm retired, I think I can fit fly fishing into my schedule


    I started tying my own fly at the same time I got the rod and also plan to start tying again.


    Glad to be a member...CharlieB

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