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  1. I really like the flies you'll have to tell us how they work. I am trying to get into pike fishing myself, and those look great.
  2. Jackson fly shop has synthetic ones that are really nice brown. really fine and hold there shape really well. Otherwise the cat.
  3. I figure if I buy one and someone else buys one then shipping is cut in half, or at least less. If we get three then shipping is split between three. I should get the paperwork soon
  4. I know that auction is cheap but I I think I can beat, just give me a few days, and I'll let you know.
  5. Well I should be knowing how much the price is soon hopefully today, or tommorow. I would like to get a few people in on the deal, this way it will cut the price further due to the additional shipping savings. Iam thinking and hoping it is going to $140 + $10 for shipping and insurance. Thats $150, $50 cheaper that most. So far interested is ol_grayfeather Anybody else? fly time you in.
  6. I think the O-ring you could just replace when it wears out. Plus they have a lifetime warranty on them.
  7. I know here you guys don't have a place for group buys, but I might be able to get one together. I am planning on getting one but, I hate paying $200 from Cabelas. I found if I order a couple from Griffin directly I can get them cheaper. I am not in it for the money, just so I don't have to pay full retail and neither does anyone else here. $155 with shipping was the cheapest I ever found Ebay. But I think that I can get them cheaper. Let me know if your interested.
  8. I have read good reviews about this vise and was wondering if anyone has one or is currently using one. I found some for $140 and figured that was a good price. Griffin usuallly makes some good vises for not a lot of money hopefully this is true for this one.
  9. Thanks guys now I have to get busy tying. Ice is melting in about 4 months.
  10. Just found this forum and really was impressed. I fly fish about 7 months and ice fish the rest. Minnesota's lakes are frozen a lot. Let's see, I build my own rods, tie my own flies. I haven't been able to make fishing reels yet but still trying. I have connections to get deals on lots of stuff like Griffin vises, and rod blanks, along with a lot of other things. Thats about it.
  11. Hi everyone, long time fly tyer, first time poster. Last year I build a 9' 9weight fly rod for pike fishing now I need some receipes. I was thinking maybe Zonkers, but I would like something easier to cast. Thanks
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