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Found 91 results

  1. I`m sure many of you cringed at the title of this post. And yet ANOTHER woolly bugger focused article.. and right after someone ranted about them being so intolerable. A bad time to have invested blogging efforts into that dang woolly bugger I certainly didn`t re-invent the wheel here, but I did collect some ideas and concepts about the woolly bugger that can be translated to many other fly patterns. I post this here looking for criticism and feedback. I wanted to add some beginner content to my page, and still plan to add a few more of the `basic` patterns. If anyone has the time, I would appreciate a comment or two about my video. I am not looking to teach basic terms or material types, just offer tying tips that might make life easier for the person starting out. Did I get to technical? It's hard to tell without feedback. Otherwise, take a quick look as there are neat ideas and variations about the woolly bugger. I tried to make it interesting. If you would like to contribute to the blog or tell the blog what you really thing, please add a comment on the post. Positive or negative, the banter is always fun. https://tieflycast.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/the-woolly-bugger-keep-it-interesting/
  2. Hey, check out this review on the Sage Method! I picked up one of these rods a short time ago. My flavor is a 6wt and 9’ rod. I was hearing great things from online sources and from friends. I even got to use a friends for a short trip before purchasing. Now that I have had it a few months, and taken it on multiple types of trips I have decided to write a short review of the rod. Read more.... http://www.mcflyangler.com/sage-method-review
  3. Hey, I am going to start re-doing some of my old videos where I talk at the camera and make them better like my newer videos. I want some suggestions to see what you all want to see. I don't have the ability to re-do all of them in a timely manner, so I thought I would ask you guys which you want to see next. Please cast your vote on here... 1: Salty Krystal Flash Shrimp 2: Mc Bunker http://youtu.be/DRksd7ItFK 3: Merkin Crab 4: Seaducer 5: Lefty's Deciever 6: Synthetic Glass Minnow 7: Mc Mullet Finger Mullet 8: Standing Shrimp 9: Crazy Charlie 10: Monster Bugger
  4. In this video, I tie the Mega Prince, which bares little resemblance to its predecessor. This is both a great trout and steelhead pattern, plus you can be creative and modify the Mega Prince with your favorite colors. This is a fun fly to both tie and fish, thus as I say in the video, have fun with this one! TC
  5. Hi Guys, The Wiggle Tail Pike Rig is dedicated to flyfishing Pike... Good Vision http://gdpdressing.blogspot.it/p/blog-page_18.html
  6. Putah Creek is one of the premier trophy trout fisheries in Northern, CA. Located an hour from Sacramento, and an hour and a half from San Francisco, near the beautiful Napa Valley in the heart of wine country. Putah is a challenging fishery but with the help of a top tier professional guide, there is real opportunity to hook up with a trophy trout, and have one of the best fly fishing experiences of your life. Call (707)287-2939 for more info or... For more information go to: http://www.offthehookflyfishing.com/p... To book a trip with one of our experienced guides go to: http://www.offthehookflyfishing.com/b... To get the right gear and flies for Putah please contact us at the shop at http://www.flyfishingspecialties.com/ or (916)722-1055
  7. I am going fishing in the devils river just north of Del Rio TX in about 10 days. I have a no idea what flies to use to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. Anybody have any reccommendations? The river is gen clear and not very deep. Thanks
  8. I am going fishing in the devils river just north of Del Rio TX in about 10 days. I have a no idea what flies to use to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. Anybody have any reccommendations? The river is gen clear and not very deep. Thanks
  9. I gave thought to this by reading the thread on not being as good as I used to be. I remember my father, an avid trout stream fisherman, who had one favorite rod, and that for as long as I knew him. He was that way anyway, simplicity and loyal to his gear to a fault. I realize that most of us are to one degree or another gearheads; I own two 8 wts, one 7 wt, one 5 wt, one 4 wt rod. yes, they do serve different purposes as I'm in a bass/trout/brookie/pike .... river/creek/lake environment. Sure, I can still be tempted by the latest landing net technology .... now comes Tenkara .... and etc. I find I pass on all that, though, these days. I've made friends with my rods. When I consider how I might lighten up and spark up my look with a nice new reel, I always end up with "it's good enough, what I have, don't need anything else." I don't change flylines every month anymore experimenting. That's a remarkable statement from this guy who as a young man wanted to buy it all. Is there, then, for you out there, a point you reached (or do you think there will be) where you are satisfied (can't adequately define what "satisfied" means though...); that you don't need the latest in rods and reels, you replace waders only when yours wear out, you wear one shirt until it becomes totally socially unacceptable, and then you tuck it in your pack to put on streamside. For old gearheads like me, do any of you reach that point (it is more like nirvana than death, now ...)? I have, kind of nice, just thought I'd reach out and get some perspectives ... Maybe you have one rod you built that has captured your heart and will never be replaced?
  10. This is the final video in my "Tube Flies" series, and in this one, I introduce a new section called From Vise to Water. A few topics are discussed, including carrying tube flies, knots used, and the notion of a tube fly system. Enjoy! TC
  11. Today I went down to a cousins ponds here in Alabama, I didn't bring the long rod because I wasn't sure how grown up it was around the ponds, I caught one bass on a top water plug, and lost a HAWG on a black and blue tube, drag screamed all the way across the pond then she jumped and spit it out! :'( I walked up to the upper pond and saw it was open enough to fly fish, and had a nice dock. While tossing a baby bass colored crankbait, I saw a rather large carp! I was STOKED! I've been wishing they were in the area I live in in Georgia, and now I was watching one chase down my crankbait, which is wired, it would chase it until the last instant then turn and swim off, I then just put the rod down to watch him Hoover stuff up and he swam right into another one! I got pictures of them, I edited the photos to make it easier to see them, by turning the brightness down and the contrast up the fish really pops, I've tied up some flies and I hope to get out after them soon!
  12. Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial "fly" is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Casting a nearly weightless fly or "lure" requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting. Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates or other food organisms, or "lures" to provoke the fish to strike.
  13. So, I just moved from the Pacific Northwest of the States to Western Norway and I was looking from some local advice. Basically, I primarily have fished rivers, streams and lakes and am quite familiar with the entomology, species and tying those of the western US, however my efforts for local information here have turned up little information of value. Does anyone have recommendations on species, hatch timings, resources, etc.? I know of a couple native norwegians frequent this site but if anyone else has any advice...all is welcome. Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say and exploring this new place...so far it's amazing! -Z
  14. can anyone give me any names for good pike and steelhead flies, or any videos for either
  15. Just updated my blog with a new video from my travels to New Zealand. Hope you guys enjoy it. what it at my blog http://www.fantasticmrtrout.com there you can find other info and if your in need of a guide for good fishing in Norway or sweden let me know. or watch the video here https://vimeo.com/79418417
  16. my new toy/tool i will now be ripping lips away from the bank so excited picked this bad boy up off of craigslist have yet to get it out on the water due to work but i will be sure and let yall know how it rides kayaking and fly fishing go so well together. and it fits so nice on my little tc also
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