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Found 88 results

  1. I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly. Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x streamer hook in the back!
  2. Decided to tie up one of Thomas Harvey's flies called "The Trophy Wife". Made it to imitate baby trout. Criticism would be appreciated! Tied on a size two owner hook.
  3. Tied up the fly by Thomas Harvey called the Trophy Wife. Criticism wanted! This is tied on a size two owner hook.
  4. Invitation to the 27th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2014 Fly fishing section of the Slovenian Fishing Association (SFA or in Slovenian RZS- Ribiska Zveza Slovenije) is announcing the 27th annual Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2014. Tiers participate in the following categories: 1. Dry Flies 2. Nymphs & Wet Flies 3. Streamers 4. Realistic Flies Conditions of participation are as follows: 1.Each flytier is allowed to compete in each of the categories with one fly only, which must be sent in 2 samples. The chosen fly should not be a part of the tiers participation in any of his/her previous tying competitions. 2.Package with each sample should contain: · Name of the fly (Known or new); · Password to prove the fly's origin (it can be anything, formed with letters and/or numbers); · Description of used materials (Recipe); · Size and type of the hook used; · Name of the animal that is being imitated (if possible a photography as well! *This only considers category - Realistic Flies) Jury will automatically reject all samples that will contain natural insect parts (such as wings, legs, etc) as a part of the fly! 3. In the accompanying letter tyers must write their name, address, e-mail, telephone number, country for which they compete, names of the flies and passwords. Letter should be in the enclosed envelope together with the fly. Copies of those letters must be kept by the authors until the end of the competition. 4. For the judging of flies jury will consider the following criteria: · Proportions of the fly, · firmness and technical aspect of the tying, · suitability of the chosen materials, · general impression and · innovativeness; · in the 4th category »imitating level« will be the most important criterion! 5. Jury holds the right to classify samples in different categories if necessary! 6. Decision of the jury is final! 7. Please send flies in a package that prevents them to be destroyed during shipping! 8. Jury will consider all samples that will reach the following address by the 31st January 2014 9. Flies should be sent to the following address: Ribiska Zveza Slovenije (for competition 2014) Trzaska 134 SI-1001 Ljubljana SLOVENIA Considering previous criteria jury will impart the best 3 flies in each category with practical prizes, licences for the best Slovenian fly fishing districts and diplomas. All participants will be previously informed about their achievements. FAS-Flyfishing Section President: Luka Hojnik President FAS: dr. Miroslav Žaberl --- Report from the 26th Slovenian Open Championship in English with awarded patterns gallery: https://www.flyfishingpoint.net/en/articles/fly-tying/210-26th-slovenian-open-fly-tying-championship-2013 Report from the 25th Slovenian Open Championship in English with awarded patterns gallery: https://www.flyfishingpoint.net/en/articles/fly-tying/187-25th-slovenian-open-fly-tying-championship-2012 Report from the 24th Slovenian Open Championship in English with awarded patterns & photos from the prize giving ceremony: Muharjenje v Sloveniji - Flyfishing in Slovenia: Forums / Muharski dogodki [Fly fishing events] / [Report & Invitation] 24th Slovenian Open & 13th National Fly Tying Contest 2011 You are all kindly invited to participate in the Europe's second oldest Fly Tying Championship! Tight lines, Luka Hojnik
  5. Here is a tutorial I just completed on the Slumpbuster. http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2014/10/slumpbuster.html Hope you enjoy it!
  6. So there I was, wondering what to do with those other pheasant feathers, you know; the ones other than the tail. I also got to use some variant hen neck. I'm thinking scuplins, shiners, and shad might be covered by this group.
  7. hey I had an idea of a fly thats basically a slim mylar tube body and tail but i added two rubber legs at the head o was first thinking it might mimmick a salamander but when i looked closer at the finished product i snipped the legs quite short it looked like a minnow of some sort. by buddy says it looks like a disco dasmel which he called it when i did it with a blue deer hair.
  8. Since the holiday is close, I decided to make a video of a fun pattern...part Slumpbuster, part Meat Whistle, part Zonker...basically a fun streamer that catches fish. There's even an added ingredient to guarantee success...gotta watch the last minute of the video for that one! Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! TC
  9. One small step for mankind but a big step for fly fishing....share and enjoy... Sponsered by: http://www.leecheyewear.com
  10. I'm tying streamers for trout and smallmouth. I have been using marabou, bucktail, rabbit strips, etc. But I'm wondering if there is a better synthetic out there. There are SO MANY different synthetics in the catalogs and at the local fly shops, I don't know where to start. I have tried EP fibers (and similar FTD material), but it seems to tangle easily when fished in longer streamers. I tried the EP baitfish tying style and am not sure I like the way these swim. I'd like to imitate baby/small trout with ~ 3-4" streamer. If you were going to tie a 3 color bucktail type streamer, where the material extends a hook shank length beyong the bend, what is your choice of a swimmy synthetic that doesnt tangle or wrap around the hook? Thanks!
  11. The Hen Saddle Matuka is another fly that is apart of Mike's Deadly Dozen. In this video Mike Lawson talks about why he likes the Hen Saddle Matuka and gives detailed instructions on tying the pattern. Mike says "This is down and dirty". This is a must have pattern for any serious streamer fisherman. https://vimeo.com/62938607
  12. A trout streamer pattern. Its called Mike's Red Rocket (I believe its a Mike Schmidt pattern but dont quote me on that). Black and blue..seems to be a good combo.
  13. What are the best hackles for streamer saltwater/warmwater patterns? Where should i buy from? What companies? Saddle or neck? Rooster or hen? HELP!!
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