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Found 41 results

  1. My 12 year old son has started tying his own flies and is keen to learn/tye more. So far he has tyed woolybugger, AP nymph and a type of midge. Any suggestions for flies he should learn to improve his overall skills wold be grealty appreciated. I have him working on thread control but there is only so much of that he can take before school starts. I'm taking him fishing this fall in the Ozarks and hopefully the flies he ties he will catch trout on.
  2. I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly. Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x streamer hook in the back!
  3. I can't remember the exact name of this fly; some type of marabou clouser. I went back up north to SW Wisconsin to trout fish grant county. This was right after all that hail and rain hit the area. Nearby streams had great clarity, but I had permission to fish a private stretch on Castle Rock Creek. The stream had 2-3 inch clarity. I cast this fly downstream in medium-fast waters and caught 15 Browns in 7 hours of fishing. I don't have a picture of the fly on my vise, but this was the image of it that I used for my tie. I tried the BWO hatch, nymphs and scuds with no luck. Give this one a shot sometime if you find yourself fishing stained waters, it might be the ticket for you as well.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am DAMN excited about tying my first two flys (flies ? Spelling)........ Anyhow here are the very first ones I have done and I would LOVE some critiques! The pattern is a Zebra Midge from a manual the Healing Waters folks loaned me. I also looked at a couple of you tube videos as well. I practiced attaching thread, half hitches, and whip finishes for hours and was confident enough to go on. I ONLY have an assortment pack from Hook And Hackle and some smaller hooks I got from SkipJack so I tried to match the hooks as closely as I could before having a mentor let me know what works here in Colorado. So here are the pics....be honest!!!! I can take it!!!! This was my first fly!!!! Keeping it for my God Children... This is it on my cutting mat..... Here was my second attempt....this was done on a Scud/Emerger Hook Size 18 SE7 from Wapsi..... Finally here is the room I cleared out to tie flys and building my rods....in the back of the room I have a cabinet that keeps my homemade rod wrapping Jig and supplies. Look forward to all your criticisms and advice! One thing I can say....PRACTICING is a great way to start out. I couldn't get down the whip finish from books but after watching some videos and cutting off TONS of thread (don't ask) I can do it fairly well now! Had the folks at Healing Waters told me to just jump in and tie I would have been VERY frustrated trying to finish these off. Practice, for me, made me feel very comfortable after doing all my thread wrapping.... Cheers, Mike
  5. Decided to tie up one of Thomas Harvey's flies called "The Trophy Wife". Made it to imitate baby trout. Criticism would be appreciated! Tied on a size two owner hook.
  6. Tied up the fly by Thomas Harvey called the Trophy Wife. Criticism wanted! This is tied on a size two owner hook.
  7. Here's my newest YouTube tutorial, this time featuring a technique to create extended body mayflies. These are many variations to this method, yet I wanted to share a simple and effective one with all. Enjoy! TC
  8. Hey Guys, I was wondering what your most fish producing terrestrial flies are? I haven't really used them. Looking to get into some bass later this year. Need some patterns. Thanks.
  9. What are your favorite dry flies to tie and to fish with. Mine would be Fan wings and anything royal. Royal wulff Pink lady fan wing
  10. I seem to be having two major problems when tying and spinning with deer hair. My first problem is when I spin deer hair the end result when I give my popper a haircut is that it doesn't have that tight compact deer hair look unless I cut the hair the extremely close to the shank of the hook. My second problem is when i go to whip finish my fly, I can't seem to keep the flared deer hair out of my finishing knot. Any help will be appreciated!
  11. I ended up with 2 of these flies, not sure where I got them but they worked great a few days ago on a spring creek tricking stocked bows. Luckily I took a few photos before I used em. I've been told it might be a hot spot scud or something. Notice the material tied ahead of the bead. Any help identifying the name would be great. I might try and tie it up so if anyone has a lead on the materials or a video for the pattern that would be great to.
  12. One small step for mankind but a big step for fly fishing....share and enjoy... Sponsered by: http://www.leecheyewear.com
  13. made up a few simple crawfish flies for the local residents. hammered the trout on tues. next bass and carp.
  14. I live in Florida and mostly fly fish for snook on the beach and the lights. I am going up to Montana in June to fly fish for trout and I was wondering If I will be able to use my 9' 8wt rod with my 6/7/8 wt reel with 8wt floating line or is this going to be too big of a set up? Also I have a 8' 5/6wt rod but I don't know if It will perform with the 8wt line on my reel? Any tips on where to fish in Montana would be appreciated also.
  15. Hi Folks, I've often wondered just how fish seem to expend so little energy to hold station and swim upstream in fast moving water and so decided to do a little google research and came across this http://theartofnature.org/id20.html which seems to answer all my questions. Not too sure yet how this is going to help me catch fish or tie better flies but I found it very interesting and illuminating and thought it would be worthwhile posting here for others to check out. My apologies if this is common knowledge and you've all seen it before! Cheers Mick Pogson
  16. A trout streamer pattern. Its called Mike's Red Rocket (I believe its a Mike Schmidt pattern but dont quote me on that). Black and blue..seems to be a good combo.
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