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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. I got my GCO hook order, and have mixed feelings; I ordered 3 packs each of size 14 and 16 and 2 of size 12 in 3679s (wet hooks, 2x heavy) and 2 packs of 16s in 100s (dry hook, compared to the 94840). What I got? 4 packs of size 14, 3 of 16, and 1 of 12s in 3679 (no biggie at all) and then only 1 pack of 100s. The final pack, circled on my invoice? A pack of gigantic size FOUR 2457s, which seem to be some sort of cut bait hook. Guess I'll use em for catfish...? Ok, strike 2; never checked with me for alternate selection on something they were out of, just shipped something as a filler that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER in common with the rest of my order. Whatever. Ill give them to someone or something. This is after a 1 month wait time, which was strike 1. On to the hooks themselves. Pros: Sharp, very nice finish, heavy wire, just feel like a high-quality hook. I have no fear of them breaking, and theyre a nice golden color next to my dai rikis. So, they seem decent, if not perfect (see below) Cons: Seem small for their size (see below) and points seem abnormally, FREAKISHLY long. Like, they were backordered and panicked and ordered from the closest place that could make something sort of hooklike, and those people had never seen a ruler, long. The pics show the story: This is, top to bottom, a size 18 Dai Riki 060, a size 16 GCO 3769, a size 14 GCO 3769, and a size 14 Tiemco 3XL nymph hook (forget model). As you can see, they see 1 size "Smaller" than labelled to me. Now, the dai rikis are 1XL which accounts for some of it, but in the 14 especially, the hook gap on the GCO 14 is a LOT smaller than on the Tiemco, and on the 16 is comparable to the size 18 dairiki. http://i.imgur.com/58OXrQq.jpg Here is a size 12 GCO 3769 (top) compared to that tiemco 14 below. Look how long the points on these hooks are; on the 16s, theyre fully half as long as the shanks, and reach to the midpoint of the hook shank. http://i.imgur.com/KJwFYjl.jpg And for grins; the size 16 no 100 GCO dry fly hook, side by side with a size 16 94840. Here, the gap and bend are similar, but the GCO hook's shank is noticeably shorter. Also, lookat that shark hook. Why, why, WHY would you send me this and not see how I'd like you to fill my order after already making me wait a month?? Yes, its a 2 dollar pack of hooks, but come on... at least ask me? http://i.imgur.com/wXM622C.jpg Color me puzzled. The wet hooks are useable, but I can get 100 dairikis for the same cost, get em faster, and know what I am getting. I hope they hold up well, that will be test 2, but I am pretty unimpressed and unhappy with GCO across the board here. The size discrepancy and even longish points i can deal with. The wait times, jumbled orders, and lack of any communication? I dont think I can really get by that. Maybe theyll smooth things over, but for now, I think its mustad and dairiki. Amanda
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