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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Just wondering if there are nay here who have contact with Bob Marriot's. I found them for the first time a little over 10 days ago now when looking for some specific materials. I found some likely looking dubbing and placed a small order. Now, I received my receipt, and the order was apparently placed, BUT. There was also a note saying that the cost of international postage would be passed on for additional payment, when the order is ready for shipment. So... It's been 11 days, and there has been no contact from the store, despite a couple of emails and even a post to their social media page. Does anyone have any idea bout how long I will need to wait? This is the first time I have any issues with a US-based company, and am really just hoping it's down to a communication breakdown. I understand you've just had Thanksgiving, but that was Friday just gone, so I'm not sure that is a reasonable explanation. If I can get any constructive thoughts on reasoning that would be great. A phone call will be an absolute last resort because of the time difference between Australia and US. Thank you
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