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Found 5 results

  1. I thought it would be interesting to see what homemade fly tying tools people have come up with over their years of experience. Things like dubbing brushes/spinners, packers, holders, etc. Or even other useful repurposed items you have on your benches. I ask because I was gifted a bobbin threader that is made with the metal wire. I had just been using a piece of doubled over 10lb tippet to thread it prior to this. After using the metal wired threader I noticed the thread kind of catching inside the bobbin, not enough to snag or cut it but enough to p*ss me off. Maybe I shouldn't have used this kind of threader on a ceramic tubed bobbin? Anyway friends... LETS SEE THEM SHANKS!
  2. When I started tying, I built myself a small bench to work at. As I accumulated more materials I added two drawers to it. Currently, I am using those drawers plus another set of drawers plus plastic storage bins plus...you get the idea. Its time for an upgrade. I am building a tying desk at my cabin this summer. The loft is barely used and one end of it has a blank wall that, once the old ratty couch is removed will make the perfect spot for a built-in. I have drawn up initial plans but am looking for input from more experience tiers so I don't build something I grow out of, especially since I went out and bought a gorgeous 3 inch thick live edge spalted maple slab for the project. The initial plan calls for a two tiered design to fit with the slope of the roof and because I had to have the slab cut in two to fit in in the back of the SUV. The desk will also double as a work space for working vacations and a space to draw up future woodworking projects. Above the working surface I have designed a hutch with two cabinets and a few shelves. The doors will be recessed and have cork board placed in them for pinning up materials. Inside each cabinet will be 5 drawers and an electrical outlet (currently the outlet is not reflected in the drawing) so I don't have wires running everywhere and ruining the look of the desk. Below the work surface will be two drawers and two foot deep shelves for books and storage bins. On the side will be a smaller surface used as a printer stand. Below that will be two larger drawers to store more of my junk. Any suggestions as to layout, size of the drawers etc? The way it is now, the loft still has plenty of space to add storage down the road. I'm playing with ideas for different shelving options in between the roof beams in areas that are so short on head room that they are unusable for anything but storage. I will include pictures of the project once its done. Construction will begin in the next few weeks so any advice before then would be greatly appreciated. Initial scale drawing of desk: Log Legs: Slab for desktop: My old bench before I added drawers and my accumulation of stuff attacked:
  3. I've only been fly fishing for about 5 years now but am hooked. I've upgraded my original reel and purchased a new rod and reel (3wt which is really exciting with a nice sized trout on). Anyway, with more time on the water, I've started going through more flies. I really want to get into tying my own. I've heard to not even bother with a kit, which is the way I'm leaning, but was looking for some input and/or a list of tools/brand names to start amassing my own collection of "better quality" equipment. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  4. It's 12 degrees outside, with a wind chill of 1, and so it's that time again! What's in your vest? Yep, I got the bug and decided to clean out from Fall and actually switched to an older vest that for some reason (it was probably cold outside some night...) I switched out of for a new one. Here's all the stuff in my vest not counting the flies and my net. On the lower right, WAY too many ways of floating flies, including a bottle of Gink adn a bottle of Frog's Fanny. Just above those, a container of sinkers and a ball of moldable weight putty. Above those are a couple of speciment bottles (I actually do use these when I catch something I know the fish like), and a stringer just in case. Down the middle are a busted multi-tool (in cheap ones a screw always comes out eventually. Don't buy cheap multis!) and a foreceps. Next are some sanitary hand wipes, and below those, a stack of leaders and some line/leader connectors just in case someday my whole leader and connector get pulled off (yeah, I know, the odds are against it, but it could happen!). Below that is deliar #1 a measuring tape, and below that a Fenwick tippet wallet holding 4 spools and 3 spools that don't fit. To the left of those is deliar #2 a Berkely scale, and above that is a stomach pump which I use rarely and very gently I promise! Um, please don't tell that I did all this on the couch! Oh, by the way, there was a #6 Zonker, a #4 Black Ghost, a #4 Dragonfly nymph, a #4 Sheep minnow, and a #10 Stimulator all loose in one pocket. That doesn't count as "flies" though, 'cause they weren't in a box! They also are a the reason why I reach very carefull when I go deep into my vest pockets. So, beside fly boxes and your net, what's in your vest?
  5. What kind of tools do you regular use (not including your vise)? I use the ones in the pictures mostly, but I can see that I forgot my dubbing twister and my "magic" tools, ups I use both the one from Petitjean and the one from Vosseler The smaller scissor I use for everything and the larger ONLY when using my magic tools. This way I can easily and accurately cut a long strip of CDC not worrying about dull scissors due to cutting in copperwire or similar. For all my dries and nymphs I use the bobbinholder with the black bobbin. It's loaded with Danville's Spiderweb, and I never use anything else. If I tie black/dark patterns, I just mark the thread with a pen in matching color. That way I only have to carry one roll of thread. The white thread never shows through the dubbing anyway. The CF bobbinholder also has a roll of Spiderweb on it, but I very rarely use that bobbinholder after I got the Matarelli Midge. The TMC bobbinholder is for everything saltwater and the smaller one on far right is loaded with GSP in the rare occasions I use this stuff (mostly extended bodies etc.). Across the bottom you can see my dubbing teaser. It's just a piece of stainless steel with some male velcro glued on to it. I've never seen a commercially available dubbing teaser that works as good as the one a friend of mine made for me. The TMC dubbing needle is self explanatory and the CF hackle pliers on the top left are the best I've ever used - period
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