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Found 9 results

  1. I use this bunny leech the most for nymphing. I know it sounds weird, but this streamer works great for an attractor. I will drop a small midge behind this, and fish it under an indicator or even "euro nymph" it. Also, it is a great streamer for fishing with light rigs. This is easily casted with a 4wt, so it is great for small fish and small streams. Having no hide, makes this fly super light and easy to cast. I always keep some of these in the box with me no matter what river I fish. It has great movement with the bunny hair, and its a great attractor. Rabbit fur has many colors and is widely available at many fly shops, and its rather inexpensive compared to other natural materials. So this fly is a great fly for budge as well. Here is a list of materials I used on this fly. Hook: Umpqua U301 in size 10 Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 70 in Red Fur: Magnum Rabbit Zonker in natural color Head Cement: Solarez Bone Dry
  2. Wooly Buggers are one of the most popular and effective streamer flies ever created. Very versatile, and relatively easy to tie. I created this articulated version to be able to fish larger fish. A good baitfish imitation. They work for just about every fish species. From bass, to trout, to even saltwater fish species. All have been caught on a wooly bugger. Hooks: Gamakatsu B10S in sizes 2 and 6 Weight: .025 lead wire Head: 4mm Black Cone Head Tails: White Bugger Marabou Flash: Silver Krystal Flash Wire: Small Ultra Wire - Silver Body Wrap: White Bugger Chenille Hackle: Grizzly Saddle Hackle.
  3. This fly is a new one I created. Its a fly that has worked well for me the last few trips. Its got a large head, and holds its shape well. The movement is great, and is the perfect sculpin imitation. It is heavily weighted and will sink to the bottom with ease. This is awesome for fishing large predator trout in streams or lakes, and also will work great for other species like bass and even pike. With different colors it could even mimic a mullet for fishing Redfish and Seatrout on the gulf. Hook: Daiichi 2220 - Size 4 Thread: Danville Big Fly Thread - Black Tail: Olive Zonker Strip Body: Kracken Dubbing - GT Olive Flash: Holographic Flashabou - Black Legs: Rubber Legs - Olive with black stripes Weight: Brass Dumbbell Eyes - 6mm - Nickel Bottom of the head: Bull Frog Dubbing: Golden Olive and Starburst Dubbing: Yellow Top of the head: Bull Frog Dubbing: Olive and Starburst Dubbing: Olive Resin: Solarez "Bone Dry" UV Curing Resin
  4. Wooly Buggers are probably the most commonly used streamer ever created. They are also very versatile and can be used for almost all species of fish. From freshwater fish like trout, bass and crappie to even saltwater fish like surf perch, striper, and even sea trout, this fly will work for them all. I have personally fished wooly buggers in rivers, lakes, ocean surf, and in bays. Ive also fished the wooly bugger in California, New mexico, Colorado, and Texas with great success. But these will work throughout the world. This variation replaces the hackle with rubber legs. This gives the fly a bit more movement, and makes it look a little more interesting. I probably have the best luck with bass on this imitation, but I have caught my fair share of trout, redfish, and striper on this exact pattern. Hook: Daichi 1750 - size 8 Cone Head: Gold, 4.5mm Weight: 0.015 size lead wire Thread: UTC 140 denier - dark brown (use black if you have it) Tail: Black marabou Body: Black estaz Legs: Black silly legs
  5. I tied this fly out of necessity than anything else. I hit up a small lake a week or so ago, and I had multiple hits but never actually stuck a fish. They were hitting the tail end of the fly, and not touching the hook. So I am tying this fly that will hopefully give me more chances to hook into the fish since there are 2 hooks, and hopefully keeping one hook towards the tail end will help it get those short hits. Hook: Daiichi 1750 - size 8 Thread: UTC 140 - Dark olive Cone head: 6mm, silver Tail/Body: Rabbit zonker strips - 1/8", olive Flash: Gold crystal flash and black holographic flashabou Flash collar: Starburst dubbing: golden peacock Dubbing head: Olive bull frog dubbing/olive starburst dubbing
  6. A few episodes back on my fly fishing channel, I asked if anyone wanted to see a fly I fought a fish on. This was a deer hair collar head zonker type streamer with some rubber legs and lots of flash. Everyone said they wanted to see it, so here it is. Im no expert at spinning deer hair, but its good enough to fish with, and it catches fish. I am happy with it, and so are the fish. Im sure all you here can give me more pointers though on this, as I am no expert, or even OK at doing this. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 2 Cone Head: 6mm silver Thread: Danville's "big fly" thread - black Tail: 1/8" barred rabbit zonker Tail Flash: Gold crystal flash and black holographic flashabou Dubbing: Starburst dubbing - golden peacock Gill: Calf tail - red Collar: Olive deer body hair adhesive: Hard as hull head cement
  7. I have caught a few good fish on this fly since I started tying it a few months ago. Its a leech pattern that moves really nicely in the water. Zonker strips are always known as flowing materials that act really nicely as tails. This is tied with a bit of holographic flashabou as well to give it some flash, and I even mix in some starburst dubbing in with my bull frog dubbing to give it even more flash. I have also been known to put an eye on this fly when tying in other colors, or when I want to have a darker baitfish pattern. Hook: Daiichi 1750 - Size 8 Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 (140 would probably be better) - Black Weight: 10 or so wraps of 0.025 lead wire, and a size 6mm cone head. Tail: Rabbit zonker strip - Black Flash: Holographic black flashabou Body: Cross cut rabbit strip - Black Head: Bull frog dubbing and Starburst dubbing - Both black
  8. Appropriately named the "slump buster" is really a buster of slumps. This fly is so easy to tie, yet so effective! You can tie up 10-20 in an hour, and is effective for so many species of fish. Its tail moves wonderfully, the front body is wide almost like a sculpin, and its got enough weight to give some jig action. You can catch bass, crappie, small pike, many species of saltwater fish, and mostly trout. In fact, the last time I fished with this fly I caught a nice 24-25" wild brown trout on the Animas River, in Durango Colorado. This is for sure one of my go to streamers for trout fishing. Being so easy to tie, I always have a few of these in my box. Hook: Umpqua U301 - size 10 Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 - Brown/olive Weight: 4.8mm brass cone head Body: UTC sparkle braid - UV Fl. chartreuse Tail and head: Pine squirrel strips: Sculpin olive.
  9. Watch till the end for the underwater footage... This fly is a lightweight version of a zonker fly, that also is similar to a matuka fly. I dub in the fibers on the front of the fly instead of twisting on the skin of the zonker to keep the weight down and easier to cast with lighter fly rods. I use mink zonker instead of rabbit to keep the fly smaller as well. This can be tied in many colors. White, black, olive, brown, and cream are some of the most popular streamer colors. Hook: Umpqua U103 - size 12 Thread: Ultra thread - 70 denier - color olive Tail: Mink zonker - color olive Under body: Mink zonker hair and gold small wire Body: Mink zonker dubbing brush Check out the fly at the video below, or go to my website for more information at the link below the video. Mink Matuka Streamer Fly
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