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Found 1 result

  1. Guys are welcome too! Of all the swaps I've run in the last 11 years this is one of my all-time favorites! This swap, with a due date in March (Women's History Month) is for fly patterns designed by women. And PLEASE, no more pictures of you guys tying in a dress!! Women have contributed a lot to this fine hobby over the years. Fly Fishing Hall of Famer, Mary Orvis Marbury, was the first American to compile a book of American fly patterns (all books before were from Europe), she was in charge of Orvis' professional fly tyers program (all women) and one of her last pupils became a HOFer herself! Did you know that Holly Theirault was only 12 years old (with 8 years tying under her belt!) when she designed the Maple Syrup fly. And there are women from outside the US as well - Alice Conba from Ireland, Nadia Stancev of Macedonia, and Misako Ishimura from Japan to name a few. Here are the rules of this swap. Flies must have a woman as one of its designers. Flies can be from women of history or current tyers and if you are a woman or a guy lucky enough to know a woman tyer who designs flies GREAT! This is another cross-site swap with the NAFFF (theflyfishingfor.com) so there are a maximum of 15 spots available for sign-up. FRESH WATER PATTERNS ONLY - so I am sorry to any Dotty Ballantyne or Dianna Rudolph fans out there (although I have had some success using bonefish patterns to catch bass and other fish-eating fish!). Sign-up will close at when we reach 15 swappers OR by the Friday, February 18th and the flies are due by Friday, March 18th. Please remember the basic 5 - your flies, toe tags, swap box, SASE and your sending envelope. This swap is open to ALL level tyers and a fly-tying gift or two will be sent to all swappers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me on this site and I'll be most happy to help you out. Also, if you are a newer tyer or new to swaps, please let me know as well so I can best help make this a great experience for you! Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Kim 1) John1986 (FTF)- TBD 2) DarrellP (FTF) - Alice Conba AC Bug - received 3) gadabout - (FTF) Northern Lights - received 4) fishingbobnelson (FTF) - Spent Partridge Caddis received 5) RickB (FTG) - Helen's Heller - received 6) Woodenlegs (FTF) - Fern Fly by Mary Orvis Marbury - received 7) flukefly (NAFFF) - The Betty - received ğŸ˜Žvicrider (FTF) (by request!) - I will do two Deb Paskall soft hackle flies - received 9) redietz (NAFFF) - Maple Syrup - received 10) TroutFinn (NAFFF) - Hot Mustard - received 11) tomahawk (NAFFF) - Purple Perdigon Bullet - received *This IS the final count, in short. tie and mail in 11 flies and you'll get at least 11 back!*
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