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Fly Tying

It's Steelhead Time! In the Mail

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It's time for Fall Chrome!  Tie a dozen Steelhead Flies, any type, any style, any size.  Usual rules: toe tags, return envelope and postage or funds.  Due Date: October 10, 2022.

1.  Psychoprince - Zonker/Streamer - Received

2.  DarrellP - Max Canyon - Received

3.  Flytire - Freight Train - Received

4.  Stabgnid - Intruder - Received

5.  Woodenlegs - White Death - Received

6.  Cencalfly - Purple Peril - Received

7.  Chasing_Tails - Crystal Meth - Received

8.  Bryon Anderson - Heuvo Frito Alevin - Received

9.  Chugbug27 - Steelhead Sedge - wet - Received 

10. Johnw1986 - Winter's Hope - Received

11. Vicrider - Mini Meat Whistle - Received

12. Bruce Derington - White Death Zonker - Received

SM. Fishingbob - Green Butt Skunk - Done

Send your flies to:

Bob Nelson

4233 Hedge Ave.

Sacramento, CA  95826-6517

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I’m in. I’ll be tying a a zonker/Streamer pattern that I don’t really have a name for. I’ve used it with a ton of success on Lake Erie tributaries!

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I'll take a spot and when it comes to steelhead flies I'm a beginner.


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