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Fly Tying
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Purple Angle

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Purple Angle

Steelhead Fly

Bob Strobel originated this pattern

Hooks - MUS80500BL, MUS80501BL, TMC7999, DA12441 or equivalent

Thread - Fluorescent fire orange

Tail - Tuft of purple marabou

Butt - Fluorescent fire orange chenille

Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel

Body - Purple chenille

Hackle - Claret tied on as a collar and tied back and down

Wing - White bucktail tied over the body

Any similarity to a previously known published fly pattern is purely coincidental

Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson

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Why post your flies in the monthly and a seperate post just for them.  Dept of Redundancy Dept.  I got called down for such.   Oh but your a privileged character?

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