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Fly Tying
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Getting ready for Christmas

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Most every year I tie an assortment of flies for gifts to a few select friends accompanied by a card and quick seasonal poem. Although my list of friends seems to keep getting smaller as age and attrition takes its toll, my seasonal greeting seems to get longer, this year it is still water flies. I you want to use the 2022 greeting please feel free to you can modify the type of assortment to tailor to your needs.



Inspiration and some lines borrowed from Clement Clarke Moore



Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the fish camp

A wood stove was glowing but the air still felt damp

With rods stowed in their racks and the tying bench bare

Fly boxes all full with hope that the fish would be there

The fishermen asleep or passed out in crude beds

Most still dressed, some with empty bottles next to their heads

When out on the lake there rose such a clatter

I sprung from my cot to see what's the matter

I ran out the door on the way to the boathouse

A canoe passed by silhouetted by the moon and our outhouse

Out on the dock by the moonlight, rod bent, I saw them

Fish on! a big one! splashing water shimmering like gems

His eyes- how they twinkled, his dimples so merry

Although as a angler his attire seemed familiar but uncustomary

The lake all at once was lit by a bright star's incandescence

The white beard, his red suite, announcing his presence

I knew in an instant it must be Saint Nick

His guide was an expert and knew all the tricks

He shook when he laughed, I felt his excitement

The small pointy eared guide kept up his assignment

A glorious fish vaulted the sky straining the leader

He lowered his rod to honor the big breeder

Runs, leaps, reel screaming, somewhat less laughter

I feared the fish would disappear into the thereafter

He looked right at me a little surprised, with a wink of his eye and nod of his head

His elf guide smiled and laughed, I woke up in bed

I stirred in the morning unsure of my dream

Looking with eye's wide open I suddenly gleamed

In a box on my bench flies tied by an elf, marked trolling & still water favorites addressed from myself

It's the season of best wishes and health, I hope you will savor it in our angling commonwealth.


Merry Christmas my friends, Tight Lines for the New Year. Chris Hubert



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