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The challenge thread!

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3 minutes ago, Jaydub said:

The Hellgramite could be as simple as a black Woolly Worm with the hackle trimmed short. 

I was going to use black chenille, black schlappen, black foam, and a dark holographic krystal flash.  Lots of weight.

Trim the top and bottom of the body close and leave the sides full length.  Similat to the  one in the link  https://youtu.be/VeejKV-0eDI

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Hellgramite Nymph (variation of a fly by Rich DiStanislao)

  • Hook: Streamer, 6x long, size 6
  • Thread: Black 6/0 
  • Tail: Black closed-cell foam, cut to shape afterwards
  • Body: 0.02 lead wire, black chenille twisted with peacock krystal flash chenille
  • Legs: Black shlappen
  • Wing case: Black closed-cell foam
  • Front pincers: Continuation of wing case, cut to shape afterwards

This fly was easier to tie than I expected.  Hopefully it satisfies cphubert's challenge.  I think it will fish well.  The shlappen should give lots of action as it bounces along the bottom or dead drifts in the water column.  The krystal flash will provide glints of sparkle to the fly as well.  I'm going to tie a few and try them out this year.

Next Challenge is something for the bass fisherman:  Any flavor of a Dahlberg Diver.

Hellgrammite top.jpg


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3 hours ago, cencalfly said:

Hopefully it satisfies cphubert's challenge

Looks great I really like the foam head and tail I had been using thin sued for the head and sometimes a cut o ring for the mandibles- the foam looks better thank you for the upgrade idea.

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Thank you you for the compliments.  I'm certain it will fish well.  It's looks like another take on a wooly bugger. 

Them hellgrammites are still ugly mean looking bugs. :) 

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