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Three R Swap - Swap Flies Mailed Out

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The premise of this swap is to Reproduce/Replicate a pattern originated by a Renowned fly tier you Respect. The three R's.   For example - If this gets going I'm going to tie an optic style fly originated by C. Jim Pray.  I've tied many a Thor but never an Optic.

We'll keep it to fresh water fish but any style is good.  Standard swap rules apply (see pinned post at top); toe tags with tiers forum name and pattern name, please include return postage or funds to cover such.   Let's limit it to 12 tiers which includes myself.  That's a total of twelve flies tied and sent in.  You will get one of yours back.  I try to keep my swap flies together as sets so I usually tie an extra for me. 

Due date will be March 3, 2023.  If a later date is necessary let me know and we can make adjustments. 

Thanks for joining all. Please send to:

James Polfer

2829 W. Ashlan Ave, #134

Fresno, CA  93705

1. Woodenlegs: Matt Miles - Mile's Midge (Received) 📬

2. psychoprince: Charlie Cravens - Juju Baetis (Received)

3 fishingbobnelson: Poly Rosborough - Casual Dress (Received) 📬

4. jvmills: John Barr - Copper John (Received)

5. dflanagan: Lee Wulff - Gray Wulff 

6. Bonessk Bill: Dan Gappen - Muddler Minnow  (Received)

7. Trouttramp: Lance Egan - Rainbow Warrior (Received) 📬

8. johnw1986: TBD (Received)

9. Northcaddis: Al Troth - Elk Hair Caddis (Received)

10. WWKimba: Josephine Sedlecky-Borsum - Killer (Received)  📬

11. DarrellP: Hans Von Klinken - Klinkhamer (Received)  📬

12. Swapmeister: Bob Quigley - PMD Quigley Cripple (Done)


On reserve: vicrider


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12 minutes ago, Bonessk Bill said:

Any room left?


There sure is.  Want a spot?

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Muddler minnow Originated by Dan Gappen for brook Trout on the Nipigon River Ont. Canada

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44 minutes ago, Trouttramp said:

I would like to play!  

Something by lance Egan, he is my favorite at this moment.

How about a rainbow warrior?

You're in. Nice fly pick.  

First post updated and 4 spots left. 

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