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Fly Tying
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Red Eye Smelt Series (originator 1998 Jocelin Leblanc)


Fly designed for Pike, Musky and large lake trout


HOOK size 1/0 to 8/0

Peacook herl

RED decoration eye

Deer hair (tail)

Mylar tubing

Kevlar thread 3/0

Craft fur matching color needed

Krystal flash


Step 1


IPB Image


Mount mylar tubing on hook (two times length of shank)


IPB Image


Tie with kevlar thread then glue with contact glue like crazy glue or loctite)


Entangle the tail section on the mylar tubing


IPB Image


Place peacook herl to imitate lateral line of baitfish


IPB Image


Place white deer hair under the hook


IPB Image


Krystal flash over the lateral line of peacook herl


IPB Image


Place craft fur on top


IPB Image


Place peacook herl to immitate the back of the baitfish


IPB Image


Glue the head of the fly with a contact type glue like crazy glue or loctite this will make the fly last with pike and musky abuse


Cut a small piece of mylar to finish the head of the fly.



IPB Image


Glue eyes with crazy glue or loctite glue


IPB Image



IPB Image





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