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bird story

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well, here goes.

last year i started doing some research on picking up some turkeys, and came upon the article about kyle hands endeaver into heritage breeds on john mcs site, i figured id have some supplies, and wont go hungry, so i picked up some blue slate poults last spring, the only ones i could find this side of quebec...but i ate them :) , they werent what i was looking for anyways.

so this year, i picked up an incubator to hatch out some some poults, (the price of these birds are astronomical, and the price of eggs are a quarter of that....also the person im getting the eggs from wont ship poults. he cant stand going to the toronto airport, and i dont blame him).

so i picked up a bunch of chicken eggs as a test run so to speak, after all, ive never done this before. the chickens i figured id raise for a few months, and put them in the freezer. the girlfriend thought this was a great idea......untill she saw them hatch. i new id name them, but i figured their names would be something along the lines of "BBQ", "roaster", "fried". but now it seems ive got "rudy", "molly", and "sarah". needless to say, im not sure how well the freezer thing is going to work out.

anyways, the incubator worked out well, i managed to hatch out 17, of 21 eggs. and im expecting my 40 silver tipped narragansett eggs in may.


heres "rudy", and the rest of the peepers.

IPB Imagea>a>

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