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GulfCoastCouncil FFF Expo May 18-20 Lake Charles LA

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The Gulf Coast Council FFF 2007 Expo will be held at the Lakefront Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA on May 18-20, 2007.


Check out this web sit: http://www.gulfcoastfff.org/index.php?page=expo


Lefty Kreh and Nick Curcione will headline this first Gulf Coast Council conclave. If you've never seen Lefty or Nick, ya' got to come; and if you have seen them before, you know what I mean! Also if you have a book authored by Lefty, and most of us have several, this may be an opportunity to have it autographed!


There will be:


Fly-tying demos and instruction by dozens of the best tiers in the country (see the list and BIO's on the web site);


Casting instruction for beginners to experts (check out their BIO's on the web site);


Auction and raffle items including one-of-a-kind collectibles;


Seminars on all species, all waters including the Gulf Coast's best fishing;


Workshops covering fly tying, casting, kayak fishing and rigging, IGFA

records, outdoor photography, shooting lines and leaders;


Exhibitors with great products, deals and information about fishing and species;


Youth activities including fly tying, casting, and programs - all youth activities are free of charge!;


Great local fishing for redfish, spotted seatrout, flounder, drum. Bank and kayak opportunities abound; and


Great local food including the conclave's own Friday night crawfish boil and Saturday banquet.


The Gulf Coast Council was formed last fall as a sub-Council of the FFF Sothern Council. The GCC has been a dream of many in our area for almost twenty years and in just a few days we'll be having our first EXPO!


And no, it is NOT JUST a SALT WATER COUNCIL! There will be plenty of programs for all kinds of fishing from the Texas Hill country to the marshes of Louisiana, plus flyfishing the Texas coast, nymphing for tailwater trout, woven panfish flies, poons of the Florida panhandle, bigger-better bluegills, aquatic entomology for fly fishers, casting shooting lines, casting from kayaks an canoes, bluewater, building bamboo blanks, and a host of other classes and seminars!


While many of you reading this have never been to an FFF Conclave, and may not understand much about these events, let me reassure your that if you will just come to this EXPO, I feel confident that you'll continue to make plans for this yearly gathering.




Well, because the people at these Conclaves come because they love them! You get to see some of the best tyers, casters and programs in the country! You can receive free instruction on improving your tying and casting skills, get to know great tyers (many of whom are world class tyers), and FFF Certified Casting Instructors, including Master Casters.


The FFF Council's are YOUR Councils and the Conclaves / EXPO's are YOUR events. They are designed and put together by volunteers (i.e. YOUR firends, or soon to be friends). In the case of this EXPO, volunteers from across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. No, you don't have to be a member of the FFF to attend, nor do ya' have to be a member of an FFF club.


Actually, many of the people who are voluntering their time and efforts to these shows have started clubs after first attending a conclave. Because our tying world is not that large, I am also willing to bet that when you arrive, you'll see a number of faces that you already know, Including a bunch of great tyers!!


So, if you're willing to spend your time viewing this fly fishing board, you should be interested enough to come to this EXPO or your nearest FFF Conclave.


Check out the Gulf Coast Council web site: http://www.gulfcoastfff.org/index.php?page=expo

the South Eastern Council Conclave (June 6-9, 2007) at: http://www.fffsec.org/

the FFF National conclave July 31 -August 4 http://www.fedflyfishers.org/begin.php

the Southern Council Conclave, Oct. 4-7 at: http://www.fedflyfishers.org/begin.php

or your nearest FFF Council.


When checking out these websites, see how little it will cost you.. expecially when you realize how much YOU will gain from this weekend!


I hope that some of y'all can make it down to Lake Charles.


Tight lines,


Kyle Moppert

a.k. a. Bowfin47




Bring the kids and I'll tie them a fly! I'll be tying Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, and on Saturday at 1:30, I'll be giving a talk on "Dry Run Ceeek or How to Make a Trout Bum Out of Your Six Year Old". The pictures of these kids with huge trout will inspire your kids to take up the long rod!!

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I believe the fees are $8 and that one $8 fee is good for both days (Sat-Sun). Lefty Kreh and Nick Curcione, our headliners, are both teaching feed workshops, but they are also putting on some free programs as well. In fact the conclave ends on Sunday with a free Q & A session "Ask Lefty & Nick" There are lots of good free programs as well. If like fishing for gills, I strongly suggest that you see the free program "Bigger, Better Bluegills" presented by Bob Boese at noon on Saturday. I've seen the presentation, and it's terrific. Bob will also be one of our demo tiers...and if he's tying his Dremel bugs, you'll see it done in a very different manner.


I'll be teaching many sessions of Fly Tying 101, a free 1-hour tying instruction class (probably 6 out of nine sessions over two days) for beginning tiers (10 seats available at a time)


I'll also be demo tier for a limited time Saturday from 10 am til noon.


I'm currently working on the program handout which I hope to have done by Monday (early Tuesday at the latest). When it's done, I'll post it on the conclave page at the GCC website at http://www.gccfff.org . It will have a lot of details and an eassier to read schedule than what is currently up on the website.


By the way, reading Kyle's message above you might assume you need to be an FFF member. Well, you don't have to be and the fees are the same for FFF members and non-members alike. We'd love to see you there!! Getting a chance to see free programs by Lefty & Nick for $8 isn't a bad deal. But expect their free programs to be VERY crowded.


Mark Delaney




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