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Fly Tying

Basic Photo taking

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Kind of late but wanted to toss in a suggestion. it appears as though you need to change your focus to center weighted. (the little dot in the middle for focus setting). It appears that your cameras TTL set focus to the larger subject, which is the cork. Keep the DOF the same but focus, with center weighted, on the fly only and it should add a bit of blur to the front of the cork and really make your fly pop. Had nothing to do with the amount of light, as even the top of the cork spiked. It appears that your focus is set to matrix and that is not a good choice for macro.



On your camera, they call it :Multi 5 zone, (which is matrix) or Center zone (which would be more of the center weighted).I am pretty sure that you were probably set to Multi Zone and that is why the focus is more on the cork.



Hope this helps and sorry so late in reply.

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