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head cement question

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Sally h actually has an almost identical chemical composition as Hard as Hull and is way cheaper.

This is true but Hard as Hull doesn't yellow when it cures like Sally Hansen's does


Agreed, though I know plenty of people who use Sally H with no problems and no yellowing. I use hard as hull when I need cement, which is rarely anymore. I prefer a double whip. The only time I use cement is on the heads of my clousers, and over thin skin and UV knot sense. It takes away the "fingerprints" that sometimes appear on Knot sense if you don't dry it completely.

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I use Sally H.'s a lot. However, I apply it with toothpicks (round). Gives me much more control. I also use one of my used syringes to inject it into the base of parachute posts. One syringe full will last me for a tying session before it gums up to much to get thru the needle.


dude - just cut away 1/2 the bristles and you will have plenty of control (wipe off the brush with a tissue first) and you can ditch the toothpicks - Greg


Hi Greg - I've tried trimming the bristles before, and still like the toothpick better; personal preference, I guess. That's one of the nice things about tying, you can use what works best for you and what you feel most comfortable with. With a lot of things in tying, there is no right or wrong. That's the great thing about this site, you can pick up lots of ideas to try out.

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