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Fly Tying
Guest Big E

"Surprise Me" Swap

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Guest Big E



OK folks...new spin on swaps...hope you like it.


For this swap, you will need to tie 11 flies using the material I send you. I will send you enough to tie the 11 flies and most likely more. What you don't use, please keep. The material will be different for everyone and you won't know what it is until I send it to you. It could be fur, feathers, hooks, foam, etc, and the only stipulation is that this material must be included in your ties. After everyone receives their material, I will list it and then you can let me know what you are going to tie.


Due date is 1 Jul.


Sorry, no international swappers. Normal swap rules apply. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope when you send me your ties.


First 11 with I'm In. Once I put you on the list, PM me your address so that I can send your materials to you. When you finish your ties, PM me for the address to send them to. Please don't send them to the address the materials come from as I will be moving 1 June.


Thanks for joining.


Big E.

1. Dart -- Mylar Sheet -- Rcvd -- Rcvd

2. Cheri -- Black Bug Wrap -- Addy Sent -- Mailed -- Rcvd

3. Smokinprice -- #4 Saltwater Hooks -- Rcvd

4. Chollo23 -- Elk -- Caddis -- Rcvd

5. FishingBobNelson -- Sparkle Dun Organza -- Addy Sent -- Mailed -- Rcvd -- Rcvd

6. FrequentTyer -- Yellow Squirrel Tail -- Addy Sent -- Rcvd -- Rcvd

7. Blizz79 -- Northern Lights Flash -- Rcvd

8. NJ All Day -- Rust Furry Foam -- Predator -- Addy Sent -- Rcvd -- Rcvd

9. Rockworm -- Golden Pheasant Tippet -- Addy Sent -- Rcvd

10. DevinKaradeema -- Brown Goose Biots -- Green Squirrel Nymph -- Addy Sent -- Rcvd -- Rcvd

11. IBRB -- White Icelandic Sheep Hair -- Addy Sent -- Rcvd

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